Tuesday, September 1, 2015

End the College Cartel

If you're like me, you got an unwelcome wakeup call yesterday. We've known for quite some time that our University system was sick and in need of a cleanup. We have seen that free speech, the cornerstone of the American idea, is dead on campus. Standing up for ourselves and our culture, having an identity beyond the self effacing dictates of an increasingly insane left to genuflect at the altar of our own destruction, these are no longer accepted for European Americans in the citadels of higher indoctrination.

But yesterday, it got all the more explicit. The scariest sign of 1984, the banning of words, so as to make opposition to the policies of the all-encompassing State impossible, is upon us...

Every dollar we take out in student loans sells a bit more of our future to the enemy. We don't need "free college" a la Bernie Sanders, we need to be done with it altogether. Like immigration, this is no longer an issue we can just grin and bear: action must be taken.

But what action? What can we do to slay such an awful beast? Griggs v Duke Power outlawed the obvious solution of utilizing testing to determine aptitude. And while the addled decisions of America's Supreme Court will likely be forgotten shortly enough, for a moment they still crowd the battlespace. If we want the coming collapse to not be a final one, we must prepare our forces beforehand. If we cannot teach virtue while it is easy, what hope have we of doing so when it is deadly hard?

One solution was offered by Victoria, a Novel of 4th Generation War, a book which carries my highest recommendations. In it, disgruntled alumni set up a shadow academy, where the great works of Western culture are taught in secret. While no course credit can be offered, those who actually desire to learn can free from the toxic miasma of the zeitgeist.

Such a thing may be useful, but only amongst those who understand enough of the truth to know that the greater culture is deceiving them, and who care enough to fight it. Sloth is by no means the least of our sins in the 21st century, so this alone will cast a narrow net. We dare not wait that long.

We, like the Marxists that have made us strangers in our own land, must strike early. Unlike the Marxists, we fight with a handicap, being forced to adhere to the truth, rather than whimsy, and being faced with the task of distilling the systems of a complex world down to fit impatient and untrained minds. Thus many of us have gone on the defensive: seeking to limit their children's exposure to media. Such is a salutatory action, but it is a delaying action at best.

To win this battle, we must create a culture that can capture the minds and desires of our young and lead them to the wisdom of the past. It cannot be a pale imitation of the overculture, as Christian rock, nor can it be so limited. The joys of the intellect are the last to develop, and the most likely to be missed. Even C.S. Lewis's protagonist in The Screwtape Letters only stumbled into salvation through the effects of mortal love.

In short, there is, sadly, no quick solution to this problem. Man is a complex being, and, when things have gone as wrong as they have, requires a complex solution to set right. One of the major themes in Victoria is the danger of ideology. Man must be accepted as he is: to attempt to bend him into something else is to sow the seeds of your culture's demise. To regain our culture, we must remake our culture.

Above all else we must remake our culture. The other main theme of Victoria was that organizations works best when they use the intellect and initiative of as many members as possible, rather than stifling them in a highly automated strict chain of command. Responsibility falls on everyone, not just the top. It is your duty to think up a way to pass on our values. It is your duty to circumvent our dying colleges. The more solutions we can think up and implement, the better. We don't have much time... 

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