Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP Main Stage Debate #2 Stream of Consciousness Block #1

Walkout, Trump looks tired, Cruz personable.
Paul seems angry in his intro. Chill bro, chill.
Huckabee, nice intro. Disarms opponents. Don't know why he doesn't poll higher.
Rubio pulling the Reagan worshippers early. Good call.
"Think of the children!" - Dr. Carson.
Conservative doesn't mean what you think it does, Mr. Bush.
Sorry Mr. Walker, Rubio beat you to the punch on Reagan. It has no power now.
Kasich, you're only the third one on this wagon. Is this the canonization of Ronald Reagan? Is Pope Francis int he audience?
Nice and punchy, well done Mr. Christie.

Is Trump Qualified?
Two dodges Fiorina?
Trump attacks Paul to begin with? Why? Way to kick the puppy and look like a dick.
Dialetic Mr. Paul. Debates are about rhetoric. You raise a good point, but shorter, pithier, punchier. Try again in 2020.
Bush looks shared shitless with Cooper calling the Trump's attention to him. Look at those eyes!
Bush uses Fiorina's dodge again. Seriously, after she just got called out on it!
How hard was Walker trying to shoehorn THAT one in? "We don't need an apprentice in the White House, we have one now." I bet that killed the first 4-5 times you practiced it.
Trump's not even trying to look serious.
Kasich holds off getting to the issues, to lecture everyone on getting to the issues.
Political Expedience
"I will be the vessel..." interestingly Christie explicitly states what Obama did subliminally. Chris Christie is the Ross Jeffries of politics. Does that make Trump GM style?
So who makes the system, Fiorina, if not the people in it? Bonus points if she says anything tonight about the people being the government...
Would a puppet say he's a puppet? I'm going to see strings coming off Mr. Bush for the rest of the night.
I could have money, you know if I wanted it. You ball stinks and I'm going home!
Jeb doesn't understand the difference between cause and effect.
Begging the question, CNN. Who wants Russia out of Syria?
The heads of Mexico. Apparently they are led by some kind of a junta.
Putin is quite gangsta, I agree.
I once went on a tour of NATO in Belgium. The guy who gave us a presentation openly said, without prompting, that he had no idea why NATO still exists. Food for thought.
Fiorina wants to build a fleet to fight a land war. Also Germany is near Syria.
Fiorina also wants to piss off Turkey. So that NATO thing...
I remember when Pakistan nuked us. Wait, that didn't happen? So why the hell would Iran nuke us?
Kasich looks nervous as hell at getting mentioned. Dude is sweating.
Kasich actually makes a good point, one that I've made before. Going backies on all of our agreements after each election makes us a joke of a country.
Governor Walker wants to insult China. Why? We can't core anything over there! Maybe for prestige gain, or Transfer Trade Power? Actually, in EUIV, that would fix all of our countries problems...
We need to be strong against China, but not go so far as to cancel adinner, heaven forbid!
Jeb made the wrong turn to the Israeli Prime Minster debate. I guess Huckabee does look a bit like Netanyahu, but you'd think he'd notice the questions aren't in Hebrew.
Now that I say this, and Huckabee makes the same mistake, I'm really wishing that I was hearing the wonderfully deep and resonant voice of Bibi right now.
Rand Paul is the only one who didn't say anything stupid. Way to go Rand!
Cruz "when I stand on the stage.." nice game bro.
Kasich: I will be tough, later!
Kasich really riled himself up here...
Kim Davis and Christianity in America
Huckabee, you're doing awful in the polls, you're going to have to fight sometime. Still, th man speaks well and makes good points. Why does no one like him?
Also, Huckabee spells out what religion is really the enemy of the American State.
Jeb is such a compromiser. Seriously, stand up for something!
Planned Parenthood
Kasich gains points with those who don't think that the government is nothing but a horrible leech on the American people, however many of those are left.
Nice point Cruz. That's the fire I want to see. If we want anything, we need to fight for it.
And Christie follows up well. He's done a good job of trying to regain his fighter image.
Do you think Bibi Netanyahu, or anyone else for that matter, really thinks America is going to turn on Israel? Really?
Bush actually comes up with a real solution to something. First one of the night, for anyone. I'm kind of shocked.
Der Fiorina's Face
Pithy and to the point. Well done Carly.
Never compliment on looks straight up. You've gotta neg first, Trump!

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