Saturday, January 31, 2015

Where's our ISIS?

The news for the past year has been filled with horror at the bloody exploits of ISIS. From nowhere, a rampaging horde came down like locusts upon the lands of Iraq and Syria, bringing a law as harsh and unforgiving as the deserts from whence they sprang. Terror follows in their wings, not merely for those that actually face their fury in the present, but also for all those whose dreams of the inevitability of democracy and liberalism have been dashed to the dust by the Islamic State. In their wake, the world is turned upside down, and many a man is left speechless in the wake.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Give an inch...

All they want is your silence. This time, for a few minutes, next time forever. Don't give it to them. Keep talking, live your life, and live it well.

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I've had some big things on my plate recently. One has been legitimately productive, the other is Europa Universalis IV. Guess which one has been eating up more of my time? Well, you'd be wrong on that, except for a few big EUIV binges where Czech Canada, New Bohemia, Czech Lousiana, Czech Mexico, and *sigh* "West Slavic Columbia" have almost succeeded in pushing the British out of the New World.

However, life is about balance. And as much as I like my map-based dreams of imperialism, I also like coming here and trying to spread ideas. And, most of all, I like not giving the leftists what they want. With that, I am back. Pleased to meet you again, and I hope that you'll enjoy your stay.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why the Self-Hate?

For the most part, I'm not too interested in the details of the Sony kerfluffle. That Hollywood devours, sells, and spits out the flesh and souls of men and women on an industrial scale has been long known. Compared to tales of the casting couch and, darker still, the hidden abuse that haunts America's Gomorrah, the fact that some people in the business might be a bit snippy towards each other seems like the jaywalking count on the end of the indictment.

Far more interesting is what the big picture shows: a non-Western nation realizing the danger which Hollywood's ubiquity has to their faith and morals (to the extent we can grant such titles to Juche) and doing something to combat it. As the West loses power, so do Western rules and assumptions about the boundaries of warfare. It could soon be that propaganda (which the President himself denoted Hollywood) will no longer be a free action.

The Villain Lifestyle: Create a $10 Emergency Dead-Drop in the Desert

Dimitri again, back for a week. Longtime readers of my work will know that I am a fan of Return of Kings and other manosphere blogs.

Following up on the excellent posting on Living the Villain Lifestyle I could not help but notice there was one shortcoming: the safe. While not trusting all of your money or emergency possessions to a bank goes without saying, keeping a safe in your apartment is impractical.

A safe small enough to be wheeled in by you and your friends is small enough to be wheeled out by a criminal and his cohorts. A safe bigger than this well... how are you going to get it anywhere? More to the point, if you are wanted by the law, the first place the police will look for you is anywhere near your home. You can't return there once you're on the run.

No, the correct solution is a dead drop in the desert, and I'll show you how for under $10.