Monday, February 2, 2015

Because Iraq Wasn't an Option?

From Yahoo News:
"A court in Oslo on Monday authorised police to banish Iraqi Kurd "hate preacher" Mullah Krekar to a remote Norwegian village.
The mullah, 58, who has been living in Norway since 1991, founded the radical Islamist group Ansar al-Islam.
He was released from prison at the end of January after serving a two-year, 10-month sentence for making threats against Prime Minister Erna Solberg, before she came to office, and three Kurds."
So this guy, clearly not Norwegian, who doubtlessly holds not the slightest bit of respect for Norway's traditional religion or culture, is allowed to make the trip over for... some splendid reason, I'm sure. Upon completing his journey, he then decides to cause trouble in the new land that so graciously took him in.

And just why, then, can't they get rid of this scumbag?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seriously, What the Hell?

Since homogamy became a fait accompli, the world has been waiting with baited breath and barely restrained anger to see what new abomination against the rational social order of the Christian past the left would push upon us next. Pedophilia was a common guess. Polygamy was also a big contender. However what they would actually spring upon us turned out, in some ways, to be much worse.

While soft pedophilia has been growing in the background and doubtlessly has a special place in the hearts of the West's elites, the new front-line in our eternal war against the Devil seems to be the transgender movement. Yes friends, the same liberal establishment that treats advice to get a little diet and exercise as an unspeakable assault on the sanctity of female bodies sees irreversibly maiming those same bodies as "gorgeous."