Saturday, January 31, 2015

Where's our ISIS?

The news for the past year has been filled with horror at the bloody exploits of ISIS. From nowhere, a rampaging horde came down like locusts upon the lands of Iraq and Syria, bringing a law as harsh and unforgiving as the deserts from whence they sprang. Terror follows in their wings, not merely for those that actually face their fury in the present, but also for all those whose dreams of the inevitability of democracy and liberalism have been dashed to the dust by the Islamic State. In their wake, the world is turned upside down, and many a man is left speechless in the wake.

Yet, ISIS brings another horror, one not limited by the range of their force projection. If the sons of Muhammad; addled by inbreeding, tribal distrust, and the dark inhumanity of their creed itself, can rise up from their stupor and decadence to impose the will of their dread and dead god upon the earth, what horrible weakness prevents the men of Christendom Lost from doing the same? If these men are raised to such barbaric feats by such meager enticements, what fixes us in place who are promised far greater?

For we worship the great God Yahweh, who carved existence itself out from the chaos of the unending night, who wrote His name and character upon every particle, every atom, every law. All things, by their nature, absent willful perversion, shine forth His glory and demonstrate the inevitability of His governance.

Why then do we, who are warriors of God, not act with the zeal of ISIS? We need merely reiterate our God's dominion to attain the ascendancy, they must blaspheme and bend the world to achieve theirs. And yet we are every bit as allergic to the Truth as the godless whom we hold ourselves apart from. ISIS will kill, while we refuse to even speak!

The future belongs to those who will fight for it. ISIS, in their pickup trucks and crimson splatter of innocent blood, fights. The marxists, in their subtle control of the West's institutions and their insatiable desire to bend all wills to their own, fight. Dare we leave them the field?

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