Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why the Self-Hate?

For the most part, I'm not too interested in the details of the Sony kerfluffle. That Hollywood devours, sells, and spits out the flesh and souls of men and women on an industrial scale has been long known. Compared to tales of the casting couch and, darker still, the hidden abuse that haunts America's Gomorrah, the fact that some people in the business might be a bit snippy towards each other seems like the jaywalking count on the end of the indictment.

Far more interesting is what the big picture shows: a non-Western nation realizing the danger which Hollywood's ubiquity has to their faith and morals (to the extent we can grant such titles to Juche) and doing something to combat it. As the West loses power, so do Western rules and assumptions about the boundaries of warfare. It could soon be that propaganda (which the President himself denoted Hollywood) will no longer be a free action.

But in the midst of this great sound and fury about nothing, one point does need to be made. From a Variety article by Justin Chang comes a relation of this event to the media's favorite thing to talk about ever:
"In the exchange in question, Pascal and Rudin traded quips about President Obama’s movie tastes — which, the two speculated, might run toward the likes of “Django Unchained,” “12 Years a Slave,” “The Butler” and the comedies of Kevin Hart."
Dede Gardner, producer of the movie Selma, describes these speculations as follows:
“I’d like to think that it can be a very valuable lesson in how powerful the slightest words can be, and how lasting and impactful they are,” she added. “It is no joke. There are not grades of racism. There’s racism.”
"Lasting and impactful"? Did the comments boost those movies' box office take or something? This hyperbole is bested, however, by the criticism levied against Pascal and Rudin by Selma's director, Ava DuVernay:
“I have two words: sickening and sad,” DuVernay told Variety at Thursday night’s Washington, D.C., premiere of “Selma.” “That’s really all I have to say.”
While I shouldn't be surprised that the left is invoking their favorite boogeyman once again, seeing just how much power and authority they've been able to accrue by conjuring the specter of racism, I was, however, shocked at the hidden implications of this latest smear. Yet again the left shows a far more horrifying view of black person-hood than a cold-hearted racist such as myself would dare. What am I talking about? Just read on.

Affinity for one's own culture, nation, and people is the default state of the human condition. Citizenship in the American Empire does nothing to change this fact. Anecdotally, I offer up the name of this blog. And here I say nothing of myself that the millions of Irish and Italian flags blowing proudly in the breezes of the New World doesn't confirm of others.

Because blood has meaning. History has meaning. It's who we are, and its who we are trying to be. Someone who denies their ties to their fathers denies their brothers also. They are a monad - alone. And for all of our love of individualism and how it differentiates the man of the West from the East, the enemies we now face are not to be fought alone.

Yet here it is expected to be different for those of African heritage. No, they should not feel an affinity for their people, their stories, their culture. To suggest such a thing is an insult - a most grievous sin - RACISM: the only mortal sin in the religion of modern Americanism! The implication of this should be clear, even if contrary to the media's self image as being the friend of the African American: Black culture, people and stories are shameful, and to associate one with them is an insult. Read that again. I bolded it for a reason.

This is the true message of all the discussion of watermelons and fried chicken that has haunted the past six years. Watermelon is my favorite fruit. Fried chicken is delicious. Dark skin can hide many blemishes that would make light skin look awful. These things are not bad, insulting, or inferior. It is only the disdain of the white liberal outside and the self - hatred of the talented tenth within the black community that makes it so.

Don't believe me yet? Go to a German cultural festival. A thousand years of superlative architectural, musical, scholarly, and political achievement distilled into bratwurst and dirndls. And the next week, we can see the glory of Rome and the genius of Venice expressed through pasta! And yet, these are not as incongruous as they may seem and, far from being an insult, lead us to a greater truth.

The genius of a nation is in its people. The foods of the volk sustain the underlying order that gives birth to the great works and great men. The various European peoples, through sturdy-hearted endurance outlasted the power of the Hun, the Mongol, and the Turk: great hosts that might have blotted out the world in their strength, by remaining who they were and refusing to break before the onslaught and refusing to hate themselves.

I hope the takeaway here is obvious: Blacks, you will never overcome the "hatred of the white man" until you overcome your hatred for yourselves. Love your own people and be vocal about it. The pride and unity that comes from this is a force to be reckoned with, a force to overthrow corporations, states, and all kinds of evil powers. Anyone who tells you otherwise, who attempts to stir you up against the "racism" of benign cultural signifiers, only wants you to be weak. Don't be.

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