Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP Main Stage Debate #2 Stream of Consciousness Final Block


Women on Money
The Virgin Mary. Queen Isabel of Spain.
Best pick to Jeb: Thatcher is a decent pick.
This "nation" is shit because every woman has the right to live the life she chooses, erase the lives she doesn't, and manipulate the lives she wants.
Son Goku
Jeb just wants Trump's approval. Hopefully when Trump gets the nomination, he'll let Bush hang out with him.

+1 Huckabee
Rubio thinks China is going to let him come and fabricate dissent. That'll happen...
I'll have to say this for CNN, this debate has been far less dominated by Trump than the last, and at least some of that has to be down to having a format that allows the other candidates to show what they're made of.
Trump knows the importance of respect. A simple thing, but largely forgotten in the West.
Decent speech, Mrs. Fiorina.
"A little bit of what Carly said."
Christie calls it. He has really done a good job of re-centering his candidacy tonight. We'll see tomorrow if it helps him any in the polls.


And done! And SLEEP!

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