Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stupid or Evil? Finally Answered!

...In this incredibly insightful piece by Samuel Francis, reprinted in Radix Journal, the great question about the nature of the foe that has bedeviled conservatives for generations has fianlly been laid to rest. Read it first before I spoil it.
Alright, you back? As you saw (or didn't, if you just clicked through without doing what I told you, you rebel you) Mr. Francis's thesis was that, contrary to our assumptions, the social, political, and business elites are being served, and not merely deluded, by the cultural Marxist ideals they impose.

They actually don't care about what will happen to their children, or the third world hellhole they will leave them (they weren't planning on having any anyway). They don't care about the God of their fathers: they rejected their ancestors along with their descendants, and if they think of them at all, it is with curses, not honor. The old values get in the way of worshiping their new god, Mammon, and must be purged as heresy. They don't care about race or culture, and actually want them gone, as mere impediments to their ascendancy to a universal empire. They feel no ties of blood, but merely social bonds, and ties of common purpose with those of similar status.

Frankly, even having read Mr. Francis's article, I still can't quite get my head around it. How could anyone not be swayed by blood and nation? It is through these things that we live on beyond ourselves, that we take on a life that is not limited to a few hundred pounds of flesh and bone. And even denying these, how can one deny the Christ who offers us true eternal life, when even descendants, race, and culture have failed? What is there in this moment so fair that it is worth forswearing such futures?

But forswear them they have. We are left with the consequences. We will call them traitors, and so they are, but they will be unmoved, seeing us as strangers and enemies. We will hector, and plead, and cajole, but they will not be swayed, as they haven't in the past. We plead according to our values: to the blue sky, ringing with the peal of the church bell, and green grass, freshly cut, blessed with our playing children. They view these things with the same disgust that we do their more seedy pleasures.

So then, are these creatures stupid, or evil? By God's law its settled. They have knowingly broken every commandment, enshrined every sin as sacred and called the same wisdom. What could be more evil than that?

And the wisdom of man delivers the same verdict, by the very Enlightenment values they have corrupted with their lips. Only so many people have the intellectual capacity to join the managerial class. While lower IQ populations will be hurt the most, most often those of the same "victim" classes the managers rely upon by their legitimacy, most people of any race or ethnicity will be shut out. That means you. 

So what will be left for the non-elites in this brave new world? The old elite, the conservative businessmen mentioned by Francis, as well as the earlier nobility, promoted values that provided value. Marriage, family, and faith gave meaning to men's lives and a purpose to the labor they did on behalf of their masters. While the elite was certainly much better off than the commoners, the rising tide of Christian civilization floated all ships.

The new elite offers no such effect. This elite wants you hungry and miserable, the better to strip you of whatever resources they had been forced to leave in your control. Faith, family, and fraternity are rivals to their power, and must be destroyed whenever possible, not merely for their white foes, but among their allies as well. 

This is evil, by any definition. This is the willing, knowledgable sacrifice of the majority of mankind to degradation for the benefit of a small few. Every faith, every culture, every civilization known to man has delivered the strongest condemnation to such actions and to those who espouse them. No man who is yet a man, despite his race, or how he stands to benefit personally, can honestly deny this.

We cannot appeal to the seared consciences of these managers, and outreach to their allies has thus far been futile. But hope is not lost. We must call them out as the evil they are, and make explicit the evil they do. Make the world understand that these are not merely the parochial enemy of white Christendom, but hostes humani generis. Make clear the world that they are bringing to fruition. Even if their allies still choose short term spoils over long term gain, by telling the truth, and fighting, if necessary, the entire world for it, we will have done our duty to family, tribe, nation, man, and God. And by standing firm together, rather than confused and divided, we will triumph over the world, either in it or beyond it.

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