Thursday, September 24, 2015

Getting Away With Murder

Bruce Jenner will be, quite literally, getting away with murder. However, when you consider the price he paid to do so, I wonder if prison might not have been a better alternative. If you are famous and, more importantly, if you are useful, you are above the law in the West. If, on the other hand, you are not... Well, I'm sure Indiana will be much safer without the high treason of a broken taillight breaching domestic tranquility.

Of course, how you do depends on how much murder you commit. Realistically, Bruce Jenner only committed one negligent homicide. This merely entitles him to be feted throughout the media, and his peculiar sexual fetish declared to be bedrock truth. If, however, you are responsible for 7085 murders, you might just be anointed President of the United States.

When you impose someone with no right to be in your country upon that country's citizens against their will and that alien commits a crime, that crime is on you. Why? Because that crime would not have affected your people without your active invitation of the criminal into your lands. Under the common law, that makes you an accessory before the fact (Although some of our politicians are accessories after the fact as well).

In economics, such an action brings about what is called a negative externality. That is, a malus associated with the action which does not impact the actor. As he is thus immune to this malus, he will commit said act (along with its hidden downside) more often than he should given its effects on the total well-being of the community.

TLDR: Because our elites don't suffer our pain, we have to make them hurt.

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