Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP Main Stage Debate #2 Stream of Consciousness Block #3

If you haven't figured it out by now from the two consecutive posts of babble, I'm publishing my stream of consciousness responses to the main stage GOP debate as it happens. More traditional posts will follow, but I wanted to respond to this one as it happens.

Random Middle Eastern Brigands
A good Trivial Pursuit score is not a strong country. Point Trump.
They don't recruit "Americans" Rubio, they recruit Muslims. Know the difference. (Hint, it starts at Tours.)
Spending is not equal to strength. America really does worship money.
Bush on Bush
Dude can't even lead this debate, how will he lead the world?
Trump knows the word "dais." Not so much the word "militaristic."
Low blow Trump.
I don't think Bush kept all those guys he sent to the sandbox safe.
"Haha, Walker agrees with me! Eat that Trump!" "And that matters, Jeb?"

Back to Random Middle Eastern Brigands
Again, Rand Paul is the only one with a non-retarded foreign policy. Luckily Trump, who actually has a chance of winning, seems to be listening.
Awkward Trump handshake.
New York/New Jersey person doesn't get that the rest of the country doesn't obsess over them like they do.
Christie would re-invade Iraq.
And Rubio would invade the world.
Paul at least is still sane.
Kasich: MEMEMEME!!!!
In 2015 America "Jewish" comes before "Christian"
The woman wants to spend. Is anyone surprised?
The Supreme Court
Jeb thinks Roberts is doing a good job.
Cruz again points out Conservative balllessness.
And Huckabee does it better.

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