Friday, September 4, 2015

An Unexpected Solidarity mit Deutcheland

In much the same way that Kim Davis is standing up for Christianity in apostate America, so has Best Europe been standing up for Western culture in the face of Western European apathy and decadence. Today, per Adam Withnall of the Independant, Czech police have begun dragging invaders off trains headed to Germany. While Germany incites these invaders to come, attempting to spread the plague across the continent, still the Czechs and the Hungarians, both of whom could simply leave the Germans to their fate, hold back the tide.

Andrew Stroehlein of Human Rights Watch, seeing this, indignantly opines, "What never stops amazing me are people who look at the Holocaust and think that it only holds lessons for Germans & Jews." I think he might be somewhat surprised to learn what these lessons were.

Starting with the Iron and Gold King, the unfortunate Ottokar II, Germans were imported into Bohemia by royal fiat. This arrangement of course, by most accounts, worked perfectly well... until the era of romantic nationalism brought on a succession of attempts to wipe out the Czech identity. Maybe that extra population wasn't quite worth it? What Czechoslovakia learned from the Germans was the utter unworkability of multiculturalism, and of the need for a monocultural state.

That said, Central Europe could be enjoying the fact that the shoe is on the other foot now, much like south Slavic amnesty guy Bernd Mesovic is clearly doing. It might well be worth it to enjoy a bit of schadenfreude that the prolific German people, who once dominated the lands and peoples of Central and Eastern Europe, now face the same colonization within their own borders. Something, however, tells me that this would be a big mistake.

Because today, people of European heritage are united. Not politically, as Russia and the EU are still fighting over the home continent, and our diaspora is spread throughout the world, as diasporas usually are. Not in mind, or heart: as ideology, grudges, and the blood of brothers and friends still divide us. We are united not in ourselves, but in the red glow of the fiery hatred from our enemies, enemies who want to see us all dead irrespective of our long histories of conflict with one another. We will never give enough to appease them, not until we've given our last breaths. We cannot afford to give them one single nation that might stand with us, no matter what the past might hold.

At the beginning of the seventh century Emperor Maurice was murdered, destroying the short-lived peace between the Roman and Persian Empires. By the end of that century, Islam was well on its way to overthrowing both. Though Byzantium would live on another seven centuries, the seeds of its doom were sown in this rebellion.

We must learn from the Byzantines to avoid infighting, to avoid taking the easy path rather than the hard. We must buckle under and not complain about the harsh austerity required for survival. We must be good, rather than kind. We must be willing to stand with opponents past, for this is the only way we will stand at all.

The Czechs, the Slovaks, and the Magyars have all learned this lesson. Let them not stand alone.

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