Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP Main Stage Debate #2 Stream of Consciousness Block #2

And we're back for block #2!

"We don't have a country" Excellent point.
The Germans could deport that many people, Christie... They could do it 70 years ago. They didn't need any fancy technology.
Dr. Carson decided it's story-time..
...Reasonable though. Do something that works.
Man, Trump sure insulted Jeb's wife by calling her a Mexican. Who in the world would want to be called that?
"We have been talking about it for 25 years" And doing what Carly?
Defending our country isn't worth hundreds of millions of dollars. - Jeb Bush
Why shouldn't the kid show you respect, Mr. Bush and ask the question in English? Oh wait, he'd have to respect you...

Guy in the front row looks like a Twilight vampire. Edward Cullen is a Republican?
Cruz gives credit where credit is due. Classy.
More active, more dominant... until the moderator cuts him off... at least there's still debate number 3 Mr. Cruz.
I suppose that Rubio would have given the Turks citizenship in the Kingdom of Hungary as well... They were there for 10 years...
...And the one black guy on the stage argues for second class citizenship.
Fiorina looks like Trump just hit her in the face. Pwned.
Can Fiorina answer a single question? She does show that CNN's moderators can be negated by just talking over them though. I guess that's alpha?
...a reading allows. And our Supreme Court is going to take on that reading? Or the one that genocides whites? Let's be real here...
You can measure "rate of innovation." It is a tangible, measurable quantity. Nonetheless, good answer Ms. Fiorina.
...And then Trump makes her squirm.
Hahaha, one millionaire says to another, "I find it rich."
Mrs. Fiorina doesn't understand how bankruptcy works, or why it exists.
And Christie spikes it. And then shuts her down again. Well. Done. Sir.
Then the moderator admits that they have no ability to reign these guys in.
Kasich is doing better in this debate, but come on man, nobody wants to hear you talk about yourself. Well, unless you're Trump. Become Trump, then we'll talk.
Huckabee is so polished. Respect.
Dr. Carson keeps requesting his gloves. You're not in the surgery room anymore...
Odds of anyone actually instituting a flax tax?
Interesting minimum wage ideas from Dr. Carson. Gotta love indexing, and the two-tier thing is brilliant.
Kasich v Fiorina
Tell us about your 800m record, Kasich. How much do you bench press?
Fiorina wins by default.

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