Monday, August 31, 2015

White Guilt stops at the Šumava

In continuing our series about Best Europe, and how they have the shocking propensity to not lay down and die before the ever-deserving hordes of the global south, we move west from Slovakia into their former partner, Czechia. Per Andrea Dudik and Lenka Ponikelska's article for Bloomberg, Czech President Milos Zeman recently said the following:
“Of course I would wish for the EU to strengthen its borders, but I don’t see any real action, Therefore I believe the Czech Republic should take of its borders alone and expel illegal immigrants from the borders, including with the use of the army.”
If this prescription sounds familiar, it might be because I myself suggested the same not too long back. It tells you all you need to know about the decadent West that the proposal by a country's leader that they should use their army for the sole legitimate purpose for which armies exist is considered international news. Bravo President Zeman for not hating your own people!

In a world that rejects white identity, Best Europe rejects the world. Let us all learn from their example.

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