Friday, August 28, 2015

GOP Debate Part 3: Pravda's Plan for America

See my dissection of the first GOP debate at Parts One (Primetime) and Two (Happy Hour) of this series. See also my answers to the Primetime debate questions in Part Four.

As promised, and delayed, for the edification of my readership, I have decided to answer each of the questions (insofar as it makes sense for me to do so) raised in the first Republican debate. My answers will be in bold. My ground rules are as follows:

  • Given that it takes much longer to type than talk, I won't be timing my answers. However, to simulate the time constraints laid upon the candidates, I will limit them to one, or at most, two paragraphs.
  • The debaters spoke without the benefit of notes. So will I. There will be no links within this text. Any citations made to any sources whatsoever will thus bear an equal chance to those cited in the actual debate of being wrong, and you are perfectly welcome to tear me apart for this.
  • Answers will be off the cuff. There will be no extensive editing of these paragraphs, sorting of sentences, or the like. Sufficient evidence of the above will be given by how much less polished I will sound. I'm man enough to face this.
  • You do not talk about Fight Club
  • Yes, I looked that last one up... rules begin now.

"You were in charge of the 12th largest economy in the world, and you recently said that four years ago, you weren't ready for this job.Why should someone vote for you now?" (Originally to Gov. Perry)

This country doesn't need a better technician to run it. America's problems are ideological. If you have a better conductor and engineer on a train running headlong for a cliff, you only fall off the cliff faster. What America needs is someone to have the vision to turn the train around, and that is something I have that outweighs all the experience in the world.

"So if the people of Louisiana are not satisfied, what makes you think that the people of this nation would be?" (Orig. to Gov. Jindal)

This race is best entered from the conception of duty, rather than popularity. I have entered this race not because I or my ideas or the most popular, but because they are the most necessary. I will give America what it needs, I will run because America needs me. Whether they can see that reflects on them, not me.

"Mitt Romney declined to run this time, because he believed that the party needed new blood. Does he have a point?" (Orig. to Gov. Pataki)

Certainly. The American political class is a group of parasites sucking the blood out of this country. They are traitors whom everyone who has sworn an oath to this country or its Constitution must, by honor, resist. Those who have something to gain from political power will pursue that gain above all other ends. We must not allow them to do so.

"[Trump] is dominating this conversation. Governor Perry, you two have been going at it. But given the large disparity in your poll numbers, he seems to be getting the better of you."

"Given the large disparity in your poll numbers" Heh, to say the least. Trump is the best thing to happen in American politics for quite some time. No, he is not the savior. He will likely do little more if elected than slow America's inevitable decline and fall. He does not have the fuller grasp of the world, and the enemies we face from within to turn the country around, nor would he have the support right now to do so if he did. However, what Mr. Trump has in spades is courage, and courage is the one thing that we must have in our leadership to stand the slightest of chances. Mr. Trump has begun the conversation, now it is our duty to finish it.

"This Saturday, August 8th, two days from now marks one year since the strikes began against ISIS in Iraq and followed in Syria one month later. This week, a leading general in the U.S. Marine Corps says, "One year later, that fight is at a stalemate." Governor Jindal, give me one example how your fight against ISIS would be different over there?"

I wouldn't waste American lives and materiel on a war that we cannot win. The war with ISIS is by necessity an ideological one. It exposes just how bankrupt late American hedonism has become that an ideology as evil and corrupt as that of the Islamic State can take root. We do not fight it by merely killing men, who ISIS will replace, or by overthrowing the Caliph, who will have a successor by whatever name in much the same way as he is Bin Laden's. ISIS will only be defeated in the name and power of Christ Jesus. So long as Islam exists, so too will ISIS.

"[T]he senator to your right has called for 20,000 American troops in Syria and Iraq so far today, Senator Graham, and I'll give this question to you. Why should the American people after two wars in Iraq sacrifice yet again on a third war?"

They should not, at least not against their will, and with no hope to win. Many Christians have already volunteered to join the militias fighting in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State. These men will have our full support. However, the American people do not have the stomach to defeat ISIS. I will not sacrifice my men in a halfhearted effort. America stays home.

"Sixty-nine ISIS-inspired terrorists have been arrested in this country, in homeland plots, and the FBI assures us that there are likely many more to come.

The president is reluctant to label these terrorists Islamic extremists, but you've said that you have no problem with that label. Then comes the hard part.

So here's the question. How far are you willing to go to root out this problem here at home? Would you put mosques, for example, potentially, under surveillance? And keep in mind that conservatives are increasingly concerned in this country with religious liberty." (To Pataki)

I would remove Islam from the United States. I would establish the Christian religion. At the very least, I would do what the great nation of Slovakia has done and refuse to allow any more Muslims to enter American shores. Our enemy is Islam, a creed opposed from the very beginning to the West, and Christianity its mother. ISIS is merely one permutation of the snake.

It is dishonest to suggest that conservatives are concerned across the board with religious liberty. We are concerned with the attacks made by the establishment in politics, education, and even mainstream religion upon the Christian religion that has been the underlying faith of the European people for close to two millenia. Other alien faiths are not our concern, nor does defending them conserve anything. If you want them to be promoted, find a progressive.

"The FBI director Comey says that terrorists can thrive here at home because they go dark and they recruit behind the cyber walls that are built by American companies like Google and Apple.Comey says this is a big problem. Rand Paul says that the government forcing these companies to bring down those walls would be a big privacy issue and a dangerous way to go on this. You've been a tech leader in this country. Which side are you on?"

Allowing the American State to get its tendrils into any more technology than it already has would be a horrendous mistake. The suggestions I have laid out above would be more than sufficient to eliminate Islamic terror in the United States. Anything more is mere security theater, a performance put on merely to placate the American people and give the State more power over them. Such lies I wholeheartedly oppose.

"[Y]ou would argue you have one of the tougher positions on illegal immigration in the entire 17 candidate field at the moment. We often talk about this issue on the abstract level in Washington, D.C., but you know how it's being talked about in states like Iowa and New Hampshire among illegals in our country today -- 11 million plus. And some are asking, what would you say to a child, born and raised in America, who could see their family broken apart by your policy?" (to Santorum)

Nothing. His family wouldn't be broken apart. He would be in Mexico. One of the major planks in my platform is the abolition of the Fourteenth Amendment. In addition to the recent abomination it gave rise to, however theadbarely, in Obergefell v. Hodges it has destroyed the principals of freedom of association which are inherent to liberty and political self-determination. With the Fourteenth Amendment gone, so will be the concept of birthright citizenship. Thus an American citizen will be the child of American citizens, not someone who by chance or conniving was plopped out on our side of the line.

"What do you say to the family of illegals? Are you going to break them apart?" (to Perry)

I say that your "think of the children" shtick is getting old.

"Senator Graham, 82 million Americans over the age of 20 are out of the workforce. Forty-five million people in this country are on food stamps. Nine million are on disability. All of these numbers have been rising sharply in recent years. There is an increasing willingness in this country to accept assistance. How do you get Americans who are able to take the job instead of a handout?"

By making work worth it. Hell, by making it available. This will be done by my immigration policy: no immigration. I will build the law. I will throw out those here illegally. I will protect the American labor force from unfair dilution at the hands of organized capital. If big business were no longer able to undercut the value of American labor by importing underpaid illegal and H1B labor to take their places, the number of jobs available, and the amount they would pay, would rise. If free trade didn't artificially inflate the labor pool, forcing American workers to compete with foreigners who, by virtue of not having the same labor protections as have been instituted in this country by law, can undercut their work, the value of American labor would increase to what it once was. This country does not exist for the sole pleasure of Capital.

"All right. Senator Santorum, let's get back to the question at hand, which is whether or not Americans have become too reliant on assistance or too willing to take assistance. Do you believe that we need to change the culture in this country in terms of whether or not we should be encouraging people to get off of it and take the job when it's available? Some are able and not doing that."

Certainly. Long conditioned ways of living, do not change overnight. They change when pressure is exerted that forces people to evolve in response. What you subsidize, you get more of, and America subsidizes failure. My immigration and trade policies will enable those who want jobs to get them. The other end of this is forcing those who can have jobs to take them. If this requires the use of public works programs, such as Bernie Sanders' infrastructure proposal, then so be it. The government will get out of make work jobs for socialists and Marxists, and do only those things which it is necessary for.

"All right. New question, same topic, goes to Governor Gilmore. You know, based on your record and what we're discussing here, which is potentially cutting back some entitlement, cutting back benefits, it's tricky business as we all know because people will argue that that's their means to escape poverty. So they're going to look at you when you want to do that and they will call you heartless. What will you tell them?"

Welfare is not a means to escape poverty, it is a means to prolong it. It is our country's duty to provide each able bodied person with a job, or a means to sustain himself. It is a moral prerogative, enshrined in the Bible, where the gleanings and edges of the field were to be left to the labor of the poor. However, the operative word there is "labor" -- it is not America's duty to give stuff out for free. Government programs, if necessary after the dilatory effects of free trade and mass immigration have been erased, must be tailored to provide for things such as infrastructure and defense which are the proper spheres of government. They must also be tailored to provide the maximum possible experience to those who hold them so that they may find work, or start businesses in the private sphere as soon as possible.

"[H]ere in the Buckeye state, the Governor John Kasich took the federal money for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.And Governor Jindal of Louisiana, you passed on those tax dollars. Why do you think Governor Kasich got it wrong here?"

He didn't. Get money where you can. The pirate State is going to collapse under its own weight soon, and its best if you get whatever you can from it. Refusing benefits won't reduce your tax exposure one cent. If you don't take the money, they'll spend it on more useless overhead, which will create a profusion of new regulations that will further choke out small business, innovation, and any spark of life or liberty from these USSA.

[W]ould you have expanded Obamacare in the state of New York, had you been governor at that time? (to Pataki)

The idea of defeating Obamacare by refusing to set up the state market, and thus allow your state to take advantage of federal subsidies, is ludicrous. What was the last law repealed in this country? Prohibition? Obamacare could well be monstrously against what its sponsors proposed it to be, and yet it would remain, as the government takes power wherever it can find it. Since I've already repealed the First and Fourteenth Amendments here tonight, lets replace them with one of my own. I would make every law in this country sunset. Every line of the United States Code, that fills volumes beyond imagining now. Any law that is not found within the Bible itself, in its exact form, would be repealed by the operation of time: four years. If a law is actually useful, then Congress should have no trouble passing it again.

"Critics of the Iran deal say that it puts America on the same side as the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, of Hamas, of Hezbollah, of the backers of those groups of people who chant 'Death to America,' in the street, that this deal puts on that side of the equation. But our traditional Middle East allies, led by Saudi Arabia, have also funneled support to Islamic radical groups who want to kill Americans.So which side do you believe we should be on?" (To Perry)

Iran. Saudi Arabia is an abomination. So are many of the Gulf States. Iran isn't the best country in the world, but they are a country with thousands of years of civilization. If Pakistan has managed so far to avoid dropping the bomb, I think we're pretty safe with Iran. Additionally, as Iran will likely never develop the ICBMs necessary to actually attack America, this is hardly worth wasting American lives over.

"The issue is that the allies that we are with sometimes have groups within them that funnel money to terrorists as well. This is a complicated situation. Are you OK with us being on their side?" (to Fiorina)

The issue is moot. We won't likely be on their side once I've stopped Islamic immigration, kicked out Muslims, and established the Christian religion, now will we? Assuming they still, against all logic and reason, consider themselves our allies, then they likely need us for something, and we can use this to prevent them from supporting terror in those ways.

"Very, very briefly, would you help our allies in that region to get nuclear weapons if Iran has them?"(to Fiorina)

Israel already has nukes. Next question.

"Next question on the U.S. Supreme Court. It's been 42 years, Senator Santorum, since Roe v. Wade, and many consider, in this country, to be a case of settled law. Recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage. Is that now settled law in America today?" (to Santorum)

Neither are. Murder is against the Divine Law -- one of the Ten Commandments in fact. Anything that seeks to oppose this is merely the snot-nosed bratty rebellion of a stupid child that needs spanked. Same sex "marriage" is not only that but a contradiction in terms. The Supreme Court can no more declare two men married than it can blue red, or two and two twelve. It's absurity, and absurdity can never hold long against the truth.

"For years, presidential candidates have not said they would have a litmus test for justices nominated to the Supreme Court. Recently, Hillary Clinton broke that precedent. She said she would apply that on the case of Citizens United, which deals with campaign finance laws in America today. Is it time for conservatives to impose a litmus test on abortion?" (to Gilmore)

Yes, and not just on that. The days of gentility in America are over. The Left has made the old rules untenable. This is the era of open political warfare, when we must fight with everything we have to prevent our society from being overthrown. It may already be too late to save it, but in the interests of sparing America from the wars, famines, genocides, and desolations that will follow, I will do whatever is in my power, "litmus tests" included, to turn back the tides of chaos.

"Carly Fiorina, also on the stage, said that she would go so far as to shut down the government over the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood. Would you do that? Would you be willing to shut down the government when it comes to defunding this group?" (to Jindal)

Yes. I'd go beyond that. I'd shut down this government simply because I believe that Americans would be better off without it poking into their lives for a few days. To shut down the Moloch-worshiping ghouls at Planned Parenthood? You bet your ass I would.

"Lindsey Graham, this conversation will no doubt go to the war on women, and that cutting funding to this group could be a very broad brush against all of you or anybody who will hold this nomination as being against women's health, against these organizations that people will say provide positive things for many women."

The Czechs actually have a folk tale about a war on women. When Libuše, a highly regarded queen died, the women of Bohemia grew unhappy with the rule of her husband, Premysl. They rose up in rebellion! Premysl sent troops, along with his best general, to combat this foe. The women, however, were wily, and sent a few of their number to pretend to have been captured by the feminist forces. The men were decieved, ambushed, and killed. Premysl heard of this treachery, and struck back with full force, bringing the country under control, and vanquishing the specter of feminism for a full millenium to come.

Like Premysl, I intend to do whatever it takes to win the war on women... 

In all seriousness though, this story conveys a valuable truth. A society stands together. Neither men, nor women, can do it alone. But society, as Premysl insisted, stands only on laws. High among the laws of man and God is the prohibition against murder. A human life is a weighty thing, and it cannot be traded for the mere comfort of another. Women's legitimate health issues can be fully taken care of without requiring the sacrifice of infants, a fact that I, like Premysl, am willing to fight to uphold.

"On the second day of his presidency, January 22nd 2009, President Obama signed one of his first executive orders. That was to close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Still open today. What would be your first executive order?" (to Gilmore)

Close Planned Parenthood. Then send troops to the southern border.

"President Obama promised hope and change for the country, yet 60 percent of Americans are not satisfied with the shape that the country is in right now. Many think that America has lost its "can do" spirit and that it's not the nation that it once was. Ronald Reagan was confronted with a similar atmosphere, and he said that it could be morning in America again. JFK said it was a new frontier. FDR said that we had nothing to fear but fear itself. On this level, Carly Fiorina, can you inspire this nation?"

God alone inspires, because God alone speaks to the soul of man. It is my desire to restore Christendom Lost. If the men of America will open their hearts to God, they will likely find much to inspire them in this goal. If they will persist in their rebellion against His just mandates, seeking to worship America's twin gods, Mammon and Molech, against Him, then no, they will find my plan not to suit them. Regardless, such is not my problem. I will follow, as best I can, the Truth.

"We're talking about tapping into historic levels of leadership and lifting the nation in this kind of way that we're discussing. So Senator Santorum, how would you do it?"

By tearing aside lies and speaking the truths that time, and the effort of the Marxist left have buried. By not backing down as the shrill harpies tear at my flesh with their invective. By doing what must be done, and the Supreme Court, Congress, and all the federal judiciary be damned.

"I need a two-word answer to the following query. In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama described Hillary Clinton as, quote, "likable enough," end quote. What two words would you use to describe the Democratic frontrunner?" (to Pataki)

Lying bastard.

Closing Statement (to All)

America is at a turning point. She teeters over the edge of the abyss, and all of her powers strive to go over that edge. One Power resists, but He is the Power we have scorned, He is the one we are running headlong away from. He will not oppose our wishes for long.

Yahweh has provided us with a roadmap to a better society. He has given pages of regulations and judicial rulings far more insightful than any of those our courts, or the history of English Common Law could provide. We have rejected them for Enlightment babble, Reformation gibberish, and flagrant rebellion. In so doing, we have gotten what we deserve, a society that is a curse, not a blessing, where murderers and rapists are protected and the innocent are fleeced.

The opportunity for a righteous paganism is long past. The sacrifice of Christ has driven that possibility from the world, and we labour in vain, like Emperor Julian the Apostate and his Third Temple to try and bring it back. This is a hard era, when every man must carry a sword, and we would that the world were already kindled, for we fear what will come if God does not shorten the days.

I do not ask you to stand with me. The small time that we have had together is far from enough for me to convince you that all of my stances are correct. Likely, many of them are not, as I am a falliable man, prone to lack charity, and quick to anger. I ask you instead, to stand with Jesus. In whatever way you know, even if you wholeheartedly fight against me, fight for Him. In the end, this election will only determine the next four years, but electing for, or, God forbid, against, Him will determine eternity.

May God bless you all, and bring you to the Truth.

(Part Four of this series will finish up with my answers to the questions from the prime time debate)


  1. "The Czechs actually have a folk tale about a war on women."
    Did I miss a Czechfest where elders would regale us with these stories?

    Also, love the part about needing to fight ISIS with ideology. I think Sarah Palin was pretty wrong on what she said on this one.

    1. Yup, not that anyone told me about it when I was a kid or anything. I had to find that one as an adult. I probably would have grown up a bit more red pill had I known about that one.

      ANd what did Sarah Palin say about ISIS, presuming it won't cause me to weep tears of frustration at how poorly considered it is?