Friday, August 14, 2015

Death to Whom?

How can "Death to America" be good for us? It depends who "us" is. I mean this very seriously. We are at a point in our culture that the old identities have frayed irreparably. As the country in which we were born turns ever more against our families, our blood, and our God, does "America" really still describe us? Even if so, for how much longer?
By no means are America's enemies perfect. No mortal men are. But all things must be weighed in the balance. Is Iran's ideal really worse than America's? Will God side with a people that sneers at Him over those who worship,even in ignorance and cruelty? Will He not side with those who poison their land, if their adversaries poison the world?

Here, many of you object saying, even in the face of Planned Parenthood, and aggressive war waged across the world, and a media culture that praises sin and promotes infidelity to spouse, family, and God, even then, there is still much good in America. Are there not more Christians still in the United States than in most of the countries of Europe? What of that, Pravda?

If you so feel, the story that likely comes to your mind right now is Abraham haggling with Yahweh over how many righteous people He would allow to die to strike out the wicked of Sodom. Lower and lower the number declined, as at each Abraham secured the promise of the Holy One that He would hold back His wrath from Sodom for the sake of those upright.

But the story continues. Sodom is not spared for Lot, rather Lot and his family are removed from the city as God judges the Sodomites. The righteous are not meant to shield the wicked from God, but to win them over for Him. If this purpose has been frustrated, then the duty of hoi Hagioi is to get out of the way.

Every day, souls are lost and men driven to misery because of the wicked fruits that America has born. Let us cover her nakedness no longer. Not that America may die, but that the Church may live. 

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