Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Are They Wanted?

Take a second and read the article In Modern Ukraine, People of Color Need Not Apply by Mikhail Klikushin. Summarized, it details the downright awful and dehumanizing treatment of black people in the Ukraine. The actions taken by the Ukrainian people show that blacks cannot be considered part of their society, and are not wanted, no matter how they behave, or what they may be capable of contributing to Ukrainian society.

Reading this, I ask you, my reader, what you would wish to do about it? I strongly encourage you to formulate a response to this before moving on. I will wait.

If you are Black, you are presumably deeply offended. You find these actions horrible, and want the Ukrainian State to crack down on these people. Many Western European or Anglosphere Whites reading this, those tending towards more leftist political positions, will feel the same. Depending on how left wing they are, they may in fact be more incensed and inflamed than the Blacks. The remainder of Western Whites, those of a more conservative persuasion, may wish to point out that not all Ukrainians are like that, and that many would probably welcome the Blacks in the article and treat them well.

Do you see the missing reaction? Think about it for a minute, in the Ukraine, Blacks face intense hatred and resistance. The ordinary people, as well as the lower levels of government openly discriminate against them. So then why do they come and what makes them stay?

I've spoken about this before: when you aren't welcome in a country, simply don't go there. Whatever opportunities you might anticipate, none are worth living where you are hated. All the visas and citizenship papers in the world, all the good intentions and human rights you can muster, mean nothing in the face of an angry mob that wants to see you gone.

For a culture that roundly denounces colonialism at every opportunity, the Modern West neglects to notice one of its still very prevalent and operative assumptions: that one can simply go anywhere in the world that they please, and they will be accepted and welcomed. Prior to European colonial dominance of the world, travel was not something that you just did. Traders would need the permission of the government to conduct their business, and rivals would often be kicked out. Emissaries and religious pilgrims might also get some leeway, but this was far from a given. Saints Cyril and Methodius are an example of how even explicit invitations could be revoked. Larger movements of people, such as the Germanic and Magyar migrations, would almost inevitably be both led with and met by the sword.

As the globalized Hollywood monoculture is exposed as vain and empty, and the globalist international economy stutters forward to its final demise, people will begin looking closer to home to find meaning in their lives. In choosing an identity to support, men will also be casting out other identities, as well as those who hold them. This will not merely be restricted to the Ukraine.

Reader, I urge you to ask yourself the following questions, and to answer them as honestly as you can. Your life, as well as those of the people you love, may depend on it.

  1. What do you perceive as your identity? Your race, ethnicity, religion?
  2. What would those around you, upon who you depend, and against whom it would be difficult to defend, what would they identify you as?
  3. Those same people in question 2, what would they identify themselves as?
  4. Is there currently, has there been in the past, or is it conceivable that in the future that the identities listed in questions 1 & 2 could clash with those listed for question 3?
  5. Finally, if the answer to question 4 is yes, then is remaining in this area worth your life? That of your children? 
Because attacks like the ones in Mr. Klikushin's article are not merely the actions of a few hateful men. The left is right in stating that such actions reflect the mindset of the community in which they take place. They are wrong, however, in the solution they posit: the internationalist States will only breed more hatred for minorities through their attempts to impose foreign peoples and beliefs where there was once uniformity. In time, when those States fall, there will be uniformity once more. 

I pray, minority reader, that you and your family are not there when this uniformity is imposed.

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