Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tear Down the Laws to Get at the Devil

The great humiliation of Hillary Clinton continues apace, with the American adversarial court system getting caught in the crossfire. It has been obvious for some time that Senator Clinton, despite all the talk of inevitability, would not be getting the Democratic nod. The usual impregnable media shield that normally protects liberals has been notably absent from her these days. While apologies were, and still are made for her husband, Hillary's misdeeds are offered with far less spin than normal. It is quite clear that the former Secretary of State is highly disliked, and not just from the right.
It is, nonetheless, surprising the lengths to which the media is willing to go to tear her down. With the American establishment bleeding legitimacy, they can hardly afford to sacrifice any more of their ideals. But that is precisely what the linked Daily Beast article (supra) does.

While Mrs. Clinton is portrayed as particularly callous in advocating for her child rapist client, the article cannot hide that she is doing something endemic to the American "justice" system. No, endemic is too weak a word, fundimental to it! Our adversarial system has become not a means of deriving the truth, but a game of egos, where an attorney wins by hiding it.

The American system and its due process safeguards were created originally to allow every man a chance to defend themselves, no matter how unpopular, or how bad things looked at first glance. This, on its face, is not such a bad idea: men are fallible, and often need help to live up to the standards which justice requires.

But justice is not merely an abstract, but an alignment with the will of God, as manifest through His laws. When man ceases to see procedural safeguards as a tool, but rather sets them up a a good in and of themselves, or even the highest good, then man trades justice for a game.

There is a reason why Americans get so angry when someone "gets off on a technicality." That reason is that, even with Christianity fading from both public and private life, the God given conscience still lives within them. The conscience preaches the Torah even while the pulpits are silent, and men forget God's name. And if the media continues to show how the consciences of our elites are seared, the conscience may not merely bring down Hillary Clinton, but all those who resist it.

May God renew the face of the earth. May He bring the justice we've been so long denied. May He ignite the consciences of America. 


  1. Did you catch Hillary's attempt to distract from the email issue by comparing Republicans to ISIS yesterday? Classic. It didn't work though..

    1. Hillary is doomed not because America has developed a love for the truth, but because her own party, angry with the backs she's stepped on in her path to power, wants her humiliated. I applaud her unwillingness to back down in the face of the inevitable. We need people like that on our side.

    2. I see... it's a Kobayashi Maru test, and she passed.

    3. Pretty much. In modern America, the only sin is apologizing. As long as you don't back down, you're pretty much golden. See Vox Day's first rule of dealing with SJW's or Corey Worthington the apotheosis of this strategy. Trump/Worthington 2016 has a nice ring to it actually...