Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pravda on Primetime: GOP Debate Part 4

See my dissection of the first GOP debate at Parts One (Primetime) and Two (Happy Hour) of this series. See also my answers to the Happy Hour debate questions in Part Three.

In this last of Pravda Zvíťazí's four part series on the first Republican debate, I will face off against the questions posed the top tier candidates in the Primetime debate. The rules will be the same as last time:
  • No time limit.
  • No research.
  • Words fall as they may: Spelling and omitted articles may be fixed, but what's said is said.
  • Two paragraph maximum.
  • Questions in quotes, my answers in bold.
That said, let's begin!
"Gentlemen, we know how much you love hand-raising questions. So we promise, this is the only one tonight: the only one. Is there anyone on stage, and can I see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person. Again, we’re looking for you to raise your hand now — raise your hand now if you won’t make that pledge tonight."

*Raises Hand*

"Mr. Trump to be clear, you’re standing on a Republican primary debate stage.
The place where the RNC will give the nominee the nod. 
And that experts say an independent run would almost certainly hand the race over to Democrats and likely another Clinton. 
You can’t say tonight that you can make that pledge?"

I cannot, and I will not. The Republican Party has shown over the last decade that it cannot be trusted. I am running as a Republican, not because I care about the party (I do not) but because a number of good Americans who share my values do. I am fighting for the good of America, not the good of the GOP and its entrenched political class. If the GOP nominates someone like Mr. Bush or Mr. Rubio that supports the replacement of America with a foreign people, I will do whatever is in my power to ensure the Republican Party meets a catastrophic and decisive failure that eliminates it from the federal stage forever.

"[Y]ou admit that you have had to study up on foreign policy, saying there’s a lot to learn.Your critics say that your inexperience shows. You’ve suggested that the Baltic States are not a part of NATO, just months ago you were unfamiliar with the major political parties and government in Israel, and domestically, you thought Alan Greenspan had been treasury secretary instead of federal reserve chair. Aren’t these basic mistakes, and don’t they raise legitimate questions about whether you are ready to be president?" (to Carson)

I was unaware that the Israeli political system was a matter of great international import, Israel being a regional power at most, and largely isolated on the diplomatic stage. Nonetheless, I likely know more about the Israeli political system than you do, Ms. Kelly, so I am unclear from where this criticism comes.

As I've stated before, America doesn't need merely a skilled technician to fix the country. America needs someone with the right views and a love for the truth. Without this, the next President will merely optimize the systems and programs by which the Marxist Left has been leading this country into ruin. President Washington once warned the American people against getting too entangled in overseas diplomacy. We've suffered greatly for forgetting that.

"Senator Rubio, when Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for presidency, he said this: “There’s no passing off responsibility when you’re a governor, no blending into the legislative crowd.” Could you please address Governor Bush across the stage here, and explain to him why you, someone who has never held executive office, are better prepared to be president than he is, a man who you say did a great job running your state of Florida for eight years"

Certainly. Governor Bush, as he will go on in this debate to do, has shown that he is nothing more than a shill for the big business interests that have destroyed the prosperity of the American middle and working classes. I love the oil & gas industry as much as the next red-blooded American, but getting the XL pipeline up and running isn't the be all and end all of American politics.

Governor Bush's ill-concieved immigration policies will be the death of American culture, and, in time, the death of the American economy. I hardly need to defend myself on the basis of inexperience against someone who shows himself to be absolutely ignorant as the the effects of his proposals. I'm not blending into the crowd here, I'm proposing decisive, dramatic, and effective policies, which few here on this stage would even come close to. Let him justify his presidency against me.

"Governor Bush, you have insisted that you’re your own man. You say you have a life experience uniquely your own. Not your father’s, not your brother’s. But there are several opponents on this stage who get big- applause lines in early voting states with this line: quote, “the last thing the country needs is another Bush in the Oval Office.” So do you understand the real concern in this country about dynastic politics?"

Oddly enough, I am sympathetic to the monarchist cause, so I find the fear of dynastic politics in principle to be poorly founded. Although monarchies breeds their share of stupid, hateful, and foolish rulers, they also breed men of strength and principle, who truly love their nations and their faith. When was the last time a democratic system brought us one of those? Monarchies are inherently tied to their people: they are strong when their nation is strong. They provide a system for breeding virtue across generational lines and ensuring that a good ruler ascends the throne rather than a product of the degraded mob.

Nevertheless, Americans' concerns about a rising dynastic political class in this country are certainly valid. Those families which might be able to make such claims are far from the best this country has to offer. Nor do they uphold the values that enabled the great dynasties of Europe to lead their peoples to prosperity. Monarchy in America would require the rise of men worthy of the crown, a process which we are not even in the beginnings of. Maybe, however, Trump's rise will serve as a call to arms, and noble men will rise once more in America. We can only hope.

"Mr. Trump, one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don’t use a politician’s filter. However, that is not without its downsides, in particular, when it comes to women. You’ve called women you don’t like “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”"

And worse things besides.

"Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. You once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president, and how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton, who was likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?" (to Trump)

It sounds pretty damn close to the temperament of President John F. Kennedy to me. It also sounds like Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and probably President Clinton himself. The type of man worthy of leading a country is not the type of man who cowers in fear of a woman's opinion. We should not elect anyone who, for any reason other than a surplus of Christian virtue, has not made such comments. If one cannot stand up to a little girl, how can they stand up to the enemies of the American people?

"Senator Cruz, your colleague, Senator Paul, right there next to you, said a few months ago he agrees with you on a number of issues, but he says you do nothing to grow the party. He says you feed red meat to the base, but you don’t reach out to minorities. You have a toxic relationship with GOP leaders in Congress. You even called the Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell a liar recently. How can you win in 2016 when you’re such a divisive figure?"

Minorities will never be Republicans or Conservatives. That is a pipe dream. The very nature of what a conservative is versus what a minority is makes this impossible. The rational goal of a minority is to maximize their share of resources and power in a country, often against the majority population. Such is the case here in America. I cannot "grow the party" without betraying my base, and that is something that I will not do.

I can win in 2016, however, because my base still does represent the American people. My base represents an American people that are pissed off at being marginalized in their own society, and American people that is sick and tired of pressing one for Spanish and seeing Satan himself enthroned in our courthouses. I represent an American people that are energized, that are ready, and that are willing to take back their country once and for all. And if I make it to the nomination in 2016, they will do so.

"Under your watch, New Jersey has undergone nine credit rating downgrades. The state’s 44th in private sector growth. You face an employee pension crisis and the Garden State has the third highest foreclosure rate in the country. So why should voters believe that your management of the country’s finances would be any different?" (to Christie)

Because I wouldn't control immigration and trade policy as a governor. As I've stated before, these are the big issues that are destroying the American economy for all but the parasitic elites. Whatever else we do, whether it's the Keystone XL pipeline or whatever pales in terms of providing jobs and hope for Americans before eliminating those. Additionally, the Federal government had choked the American people with innumerable regulations which, as a governor, I would have no control over. As president, I will choke them back.

"Governor Walker, you’ve consistently said that you want to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. You recently signed an abortion law in Wisconsin that does have an exception for the mother’s life, but you’re on the record as having objected to it. Would you really let a mother die rather than have an abortion, and with 83 percent of the American public in favor of a life exception, are you too out of the mainstream on this issue to win the general election?"

Yes. Murder is murder. Is that really that hard to understand? Given modern medicine, how often, really, is it going to come down to that? If one does encounter a situation where it's truly the baby or the mother, and they are forced to choose the mother, than that is what prosecutorial discretion and jury nullification are for: to weigh the equities of life versus life. If we are not mature enough of a people to do this correctly, then we are most certainly not ready to declare murder to not be murder!

"Governor Huckabee, like Governor Walker, you have staked out strong positions on social issues. You favor a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. You favor a constitutional amendment banning abortions, except for the life of the mother. Millions of people in this country agree with you, but according to the polls, and again this an electability question, according to the polls, more people don’t, so how do you persuade enough Independents and Democrats to get elected in 2016?"

I don't need to convince them. I merely need to persuade more of my people to show up than theirs. The Republican party has long run on a negative, on a "if you don't vote for Bush, then we'll just have Clinton" kind of rationale. How has that been working for us? I, unlike the rest of these scrubs (Mr. Trump excepted) will be able to fire up the base, to give them positive, rather than merely negative, reasons to show up and vote. Who among "independants and Democrats" will be able to do the same?

"Senator Paul, you recently blamed the rise of ISIS on Republican hawks. You later said that that statement, you could have said it better. But, the statement went on, and you said, quote, “Everything they’ve talked about in foreign policy, they’ve been wrong for the last 20 years.” Why are you so quick to blame your own party?"

Because "my party" has led to the deaths of thousands of American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan to no real gain. I call things like I see them. And right now I see "my party" once again beating the drums of war with Iran, a war that would cause countless American causalities and open the way to something far worse than the Ayatollahs to rise in its place. What? I don't know, but I don't intend to find out.

"Governor Kasich, You chose to expand Medicaid in your state, unlike several other governors on this stage tonight, and it is already over budget by some estimates costing taxpayers an additional $1.4 billion in just the first 18 months.You defended your Medicaid expansion by invoking God, saying to skeptics that when they arrive in heaven, Saint Peter isn’t going to ask them how small they’ve kept government, but what they have done for the poor. Why should Republican voters, who generally want to shrink government, believe that you won’t use your Saint Peter rationale to expand every government program?"

The Bible is very clear about which things must be done, which things may be done, and which things need not be done. If the Bible declares it, it will be done, you can rest assured of that. However, actions which will only subsidize failure and lead to more of it are not required by Scripture. Our goal, rather, is to implement its explicit demands in a way that will over the long term generate a principled well being for the most people possible. Given how much our country spends on unprincipled waging of and preparation for war, the amounts I would want to spend on the poor would be hardly burdensome by comparison.

"Governor Bush, you released a new plan this week on illegal immigration focusing on enforcement, which some suggest is your effort to show that you’re not soft on that issue. I want to ask you about a statement that you made last year about illegal immigrants. And here’s what you said. “They broke the law, but it’s not a felony, it’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.” Do you stand by that statement and do you stand by your support for earned legal status?"

Governor Bush is not soft on that issue. No, he is very hard, hard against the American people. He, and those elites like him, are willing to do whatever they can, stand against whatever criticism my come, in order to replace the american people with a people more pliable to their whims. These would-be dictators are willing to for whatever it takes to achieve their will. What America needs right now is someone just as strong to fight against them. I am that candidate, and there is no other.

"Mr. Trump, it has not escaped anybody’s notice that you say that the Mexican government, the Mexican government is sending criminals — rapists, drug dealers, across the border. Governor Bush has called those remarks, quote, “extraordinarily ugly.” I’d like you — you’re right next to him — tell us — talk to him directly and say how you respond to that and — and you have repeatedly said that you have evidence that the Mexican government is doing this, but you have evidence you have refused or declined to share. Why not use this first Republican presidential debate to share your proof with the American people?"

These remarks are ugly because the subject matter is ugly. It is unbearable ugly that the Mexican government would do this to the American people. It is an act of war! Rest assured that, should I become president, I will not sit back and allow this war to go unpunished.

My evidence is the beautiful young woman whose life was snuffed out in California. My evidence is all the American victims of murder, rape and torture at the hands of illegal Mexican immigrants. You dare not deny their suffering, you dare not ignore their deaths! Their blood cries out for justice, Governor Bush, and it is damned ugly that you would deny them that!

"Mr. Trump, I’ll give you 30 seconds — I’ll give you 30 seconds to answer my question, which was, what evidence do you have, specific evidence that the Mexican government is sending criminals across the border? Thirty seconds."

Ok, when I'm done with that, I'll give you thirty seconds to discuss the causes and factors leading up to the Thirty Years War, starting with the treatment of Sts. Cyril and Methodius. Maybe then you can explain the general theory of relativity in the same time? That is a ridiculous request. Google is not broken, research it yourself, if you're truly so blind as to not have already seen it. This venue is hardly the appropriate place for me to provide you with such evidence.

"Governor Kasich, I know you don’t like to talk about Donald Trump. But I do want to ask you about the merit of what he just said. When you say that the American government is stupid, that the Mexican government is sending criminals, that we’re being bamboozled, is that an adequate response to the question of illegal immigration?"

No, it's a good start, but we must go further. The American government is not stupid, it is evil. Genocide is widely considered the worst of crimes. Replacing a culture and a people with another one is the textbook definition of genocide. The American government and business elites are thus complicit in the genocide of their own people. The purging of blacks from southern LA is merely the most explicit example of this genocide. An adequate response requires justice be brought against those who have caused thee horrors.

"Governor Walker, from 2002 until as recently as 2013, just two years ago, you supported comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship. Now you say that was a quick reaction to something you hadn’t really thought about, and that you’ve changed your mind. Other than politics, could you explain why in the last two years you’ve changed your position on a path to citizenship, and are there other past positions that we shouldn’t hold you to?"

I've certainly changed my mind on many positions in my past. That shows an active mind, and a willingness to change it. These are not characteristics that a president, or any leader, should be without. What has not changed, and what never will, is my pursuit of the truth. This is what guides me, this is my pole star. I will always follow the truth. If you want to influence me, bring me truth, if you want to stop me, show me that I am working for a lie. The plight of the American people at the hands of a callous uncaring elite pushing mass immigration, that is the truth I'm facing right now.

"Senator Cruz, some 1,400 people submitted questions on this very hot topic of illegal immigration on Facebook, and a number of them were about the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, allegedly shot down by an illegal. Doug Bettencourt sent this question, “will you support Kate Steinle’s Law,” which would impose a mandatory five-year prison term for an illegal who is deported and then returns to this country? “And will you defund sanctuary cities for violating federal law?”"

Certainly. I would go further. Returning to this country after deportation is an act of war, an invasion of America. Such an invader is an enemy combatant, and will be detained until the conflict has ended. It will be up to his people how long that will be.

The leftist traitors who have promoted sanctuary city laws, I will go after with everything I can. If America is to be a healthy country again, such traitors must be driven from the body politic. Defunding their cities is the least I could do to stop them.

"Governor Christie. You’ve said that Senator Paul’s opposition to the NSA’s collection of phone records has made the United States weaker and more vulnerable, even going so far as to say that he should be called before Congress to answer for it if we should be hit by another terrorist attack. Do you really believe you can assign blame to Senator Paul just for opposing he bulk collection of people’s phone records in the event of a terrorist attack?"

No, Governor Christie's remarks were insane. We do not need to monitor the American people, we need to monitor who the American people are. If we import terrorists, we will have terror. If we import Islam, we will have terror. No more Muslim immigration, now or ever, not a single one: this is how terror is stopped. Security theater, like that which Mr. Christie promotes, serves another agenda entirely.

"“I want to collect more records from terrorists, but less records from other people.” How are you supposed to know, Megyn?" (Christie to Paul)

By not making terrorists Americans in the first place. By stopping all immigration and naturalization proceedings. By deporting all Muslim aliens from this country. And most of all, by removing the liberal judges that apply the constitutional rights of citizens to aliens and invaders. That is how I will know who to collect records from.

"My question is, how would the candidates stop the treacherous actions of ISIS — ISIL and its growing influence in the U.S., if they were to become president?" (from Video)

"Senator Cruz, I wanna talk to you about this, because many of the Facebook users and — and — the — the folks on Facebook wanted the candidates to speak to ISIS tonight. You asked the chairman of the joint chiefs a question: “What would it take to destroy ISIS in 90 days?” He told you “IISIS will only be truly destroyed once they are rejected by the populations in which they hide.” And then you accused him of pushing Medicaid for the Iraqis. How would you destroy ISIS in 90 days?"

I would not. The suggestion that such a thing is possible is an utterly absurd fantasy. ISIS exists because it has the support of massive numbers of people throughout the Islamic world. Groups of fighters from all over have pledged their loyalty to the incipient Caliphate. The United States, home of the hated corruptions of feminism, materialism, and idolatry, has nothing to offer these people that would cause them to betray the cause of ISIS.

This isn't the kind of fight that can simply be won by beating the other guy up, not unless you are willing to resort to a total annihilation of the population of the Islamic State. I'm not willing to do that, so I believe I can be safe in assuming that no other candidate is either. Fourth Generation war, which ISIS has ridden to power, relies on winning the support of the population through more effective, more natural ideology. It will be a long time before the United States can again claim enough ideological strength to have a chance of unseating the ideology of Jihad. Ninety days does not even begin to cut it.

"To the families of those who died in that war who say they liberated and deposed a ruthless dictator, how do you look at them now and say that your brothers war was a mistake?" (to Bush)

Easily. I don't mince words with the truth. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were a mistake, made by fools who wanted the glory of playing the Great Game. Now those pretensions have been laid low, and along with them many good men who should not have been. I am sorry that their lives were sacrificed for nothing, but the truth must be told that other men not pay the same price in the future.

"Governor Walker, in February you said that we needed to gain partners in the Arab world. Which Arab country not already in the U.S. led coalition has potential to be our greatest partner?"

Syria. Antagonizing the Iran-Syria-Russia axis has been a poorly considered disaster. These nations aren't perfect, but they are a damn sight better than the Marxist/feminist nonsense being spouted by the US and its European allies. These countries are also a lot more tolerant of the Christians in their midst than the Arab allies we currently have. Had we not spent so much energy trying to topple Assad, ISIS would not have become as strong as it did. Again, I would like to reference President Washington's advice against entangling alliances. If we will not do that much, at least we can avoid making those pointless entanglements personal, as we have done in the Middle East.

"Dr. Carson, in one of his first acts as commander in chief, President Obama signed an executive order banning enhanced interrogation techniques in fighting terror. As president, would you bring back water boarding?"

Waterboarding is an utterly miserable experience. Try it yourself if you don't believe me. It should not be used on anyone who does not deserve it, that is 1) someone who has committed like actions on others or 2) someone deserving of death. In my administration, those who deserve death will find it, rest assured, but we will not descend into a savagery that enjoys the destruction of men. Duty, Law, and Honor will be the things that animate us, not a sick torturous hatred.

"Governor Huckabee, on Facebook, John Pietricone asked this, “Will you abolish or take away the powers and cut the size of the EPA, the IRS, the Department of Education?”Now, broadly…broadly, the size of government is a big concern for Facebook users, Facebook persons, as well as, obviously, conservatives.But year after year, decade after decade, there are promises from Republicans to shrink government. But year after year, decade after decade, it doesn’t happen. In fact, it gets bigger, even under Republican politicians. So the question is, at this point, is the government simply too big for any one person, even a Republican, to shrink?"

It is a lot easier to destroy than to create. I don't think we'll have any trouble burning the whole thing down if we want to. Who really bears that strong of an allegiance to the thousands of pages of the United States Code? No one, at least no one who is willing to die for it. Bureaucrats will be bureaucrats, but there will be very few of them in the Pravda administration, I assure you. And of those that survive, none will be in the EPA, the IRS, or the Department of Education.

"President Obama’s secretary of education, Arnie Duncan, has said that most of the criticism of Common Core is due to a, quote, “fringe group of critics.” Do you think that’s accurate?" (to Bush)

No. Most of the criticism of Common Core comes independently of whatever the standards themselves may be, but rather from a growing distrust of the US government. This is by no means the province of a mere fringe, but is a well reasoned distrust. Iraq, Afghanistan, Obamacare, these are but a few of the utter disasters that have been imposed on us by the political class in recent years, and there have been innumerable disasters that preceded them. The establishment must be disestablished, and their deleterious influence of this country must be rooted out for good. Only then will we be able to cooperate on anything again in a spirit of trust rather than a well-considered fear.

"Senator Rubio, why is Governor Bush wrong on Common Core?"

Because the State cannot be trusted. Because the State is the enemy of the Truth. Education is meant to lead men out to the Truth, to acquaint them with Him, that they may become more like Him. This State, which declares itself His enemy both in secret by its deceitful ideology, and openly, by promoting other Gods in His face has no business taking on that charge.

"[Hillary Clinton] will say that you, whoever it is, support the rich while she supports the middle class. That you want to suppress the rights of women and minorities. She wants to move the country forward while you, the Republicans, want to take the country back to the past. How will you, if you’re the nominee, how will you answer that and take Hillary Clinton on?" (to Kasich)

First off, anyone who believes that I support the rich against the American people, given the positions I have put forward here tonight has been brainwashed. If Mrs. Clinton wishes to try to make that charge stick, more power to her. As far as women and minorities go, well, I'm fighting a war against deception, dishonesty, and theft. I'm fighting against the murder of innocent children, and crime that makes our streets unsafe. However women and minorities wish to position themselves in that war is up to them, and between them and God. But if they wish to be on the side of the lie, of the murderous liar that has been the enemy of mankind from time immemorial, then I will have nothing to do with them, save to pray for the salvation of their souls.

Creating jobs (differing questions, to Bush and Walker)

Simple economics, supply and demand. Increasing immigration means an increase in labor. More labor lessens the value of labor, which lowers the value of wages. Additionally, jobs which would go to Americans now go to illegals who don't carry the same tax and regulatory burden as citizens. Ending all immigration would ensure that 100% of the job growth in this country will go to citizens who deserve it, rather than foreign interlopers. Sharply cutting the regulatory overhead which we face in this country will enable the growth of small business and free up funds that go to compliance to create actual products, and with those actual jobs.

"You say that you — to save the system that you want to raise the retirement age — have to raise the retirement age, and to cut benefits for Social Security and Medicare, and you say that some of the candidates here on the stage are lying. Governor Huckabee says he can save Social Security and Medicare without doing any of that. Is he lying?" (to Christie)

Probably not. Everything depends on what your priorities are. There is an awful lot in our military budget that you can cut, and that I will cut if elected. America no longer needs to be an overseas empire, when its own borders are being overrun at home. The thing about the Great Game is that everyone loses in time. My State will protect the borders, will enforce the law, and will provide a solid, dependable infrastructure to the American people. That will be all it will do. During the transition, before I drastically cut taxes, we will have plenty of surplus funds to wind down what entitlement burdens we have unwisely taken on in the past.

"In 2011, you told Forbes Magazine this: “I’ve used the laws of the country to my advantage.” But at the same time, financial experts involved in those bankruptcies say that lenders to your companies lost billions of dollars. Question sir, with that record, why should we trust you to run the nation’s business?" (to Trump)

Well, if you're China, then no, you want Trump as far from the levers of American power as you can get him. If you are the American people, on the other hand, who didn't sign up for, and are mostly blameless for all of this shit, than you want someone like Trump who is willing to default on the usurious demands of world finance. Let us declare a jubilee for the American people, the first one in millenia. Let us throw off the bondage of world banking, and be free men once more. Let us bring in a man like Trump who will do what is necessary, not for international creditors, but for the American people.

"Please describe one action you would do to make the economic environment more favorable for small businesses and entrepreneurs and anyone dreaming of opening their own business." (to Rubio)

Eviscerate regulations. Lower the competitive barriers that have secured big business from competition for years in this country. If you don't need to check with a team of lawyers every time you wipe your butt, you can focus on bringing a product to market and competing against all comers.

"You’ve said that you would tear up the Iran deal on day one. If this deal is undone, what then?" (to Walker)

Nothing really. Iran can't hit us, and we have no reason to attack them. I hardly see the need for a bunch of words to cement that fact, the obvious is apparent.

"Senator Paul, would you tear up the deal on day one?"

No, that's stupid. We have no reason to fight with Iran, nor do we have any real reason to fight them on nuclear weapons if they want them. Would you send your son to fight the Iranians, because I sure wouldn't. Maybe this deal wasn't the best cut, but its done, and there is no reason to lose credibility and trust with the Iranians by throwing it out immediately.

"Governor Huckabee, what do you think about what Senator Paul just said?"

I agree in part. Negotiations should be from a position of strength. You always have to be willing to walk away. You always have to have something that the interlocutor wants, or the ability to do something that he doesn't want. These are all good points. However, something else Senator Paul says is worth bearing in mind. He asked Secretary Kerry about Iran's trustworthiness. What about our own? We can't negotiate with Iran in the future if we immediately negate our agreement now. They would never take us seriously, nor would anyone. America must stand by its word.

"When did you actually become a Republican?" (to Trump)

Birth, most likely. I remained one for the first seventeen years of my life, then started the usual youthful infatuation with socialism. That only lasted about three years before I figured out what a backwards creed that was, then I moved through libertarianism to a more traditional conservatism. I will become a Republican again when the Republican party lives up to these traditional values, the values that built our civilization, and the values upon which civilization requires to survive. When the Republican party stops supporting the invasion of our shores and starts truly fighting for the Christian faith against her enemies, then I will gladly sign up for GOP membership. But not a moment sooner.

"We’re not going on win by doing what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do each and every day. Dividing the country. Saying, creating a grievance kind of environment. We’re going to win when we unite people with a hopeful, optimistic message" (Bush to Trump)

Why not? They seem to be winning with that message. If you haven't noticed, Governor, the left is winning in America. A feeble feel-good message isn't going to be enough to dislodge them from the levers of power. We need anger, we need strength, we need motivation. Part of that is going to come from dividing this empire in order to make it a true nation once again, a place with one culture, one faith, and one people that can actually stand united. Without that we will forever remain the Divided States of America.

"Governor Kasich, if you had a son or daughter who was gay or lesbian, how would you explain to them your opposition to same-sex marriage?"

Gay marriage is an impossibility. It is a contradiction in terms. Marriage performs a very specific role in society, a means to provide for the optimal raising of children, and the passage on of the family lines, wealth, and values of the past into the future. This is impossible between two men or two women. While I would most certainly love my hypothetical gay offspring, I also love the truth. The truth does not change with our feelings, and it does not bend to our whims.

"How would you — how would you explain it to a child?" (to Kasich)

How is that relevant? I would explain it as above. I hardly think that, should a child have suffered the misfortune of exposure to this nonsense, that the truth would be served by sugar-coating it. I would tell him the prior, with small words if need be, but I would tell a child the same truth I would tell a man.

"Senator Paul, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage, Carol Fox on Facebook want to know the following. Quote, what will you do to ensure Christians are not prosecuted for speaking out against gay marriage and will Christians be forced to conduct business that conflicts with their religious beliefs?"

No. One of the first things I would do as president is heavily rein in the Justice Department. For too long, for the entire Obama adminsitration, this department has been nothing more than a Marxist Stasi seeking to do nothing more than destroy this country. I would make it clear that anyone who collaborated with these efforts will be on the unemployment line tomorrow. I would also make it abundantly clear that no member of the executive branch would enforce any judicial ruling that harms Christian religious liberty in any way. Christian religious beliefs are the bedrock on which the West was built: we have tossed them aside at our peril.

"Governor Walker, many in the Black Live Matter movement, and beyond, believe that overly-aggressive police officers targeting young African Americans is the civil rights issue of our time. Do you agree? And if so, how do you plan to address it? And if not, why not?"

"Civil rights" have become a negation of the inalienable rights granted in our Constitution, and the rights of Englishmen that preceded them. I care nothing for so called civil rights issues, as they always and everywhere leave us simultaneously less free and less safe than we were before.

Nonetheless, I would lower the incarceration of African Americans should I become president. Stationing police in these neighborhoods is nothing more than stationing an occupying army. While we have the right and the duty to maintain civil order within our own community, we do not have this right worldwide. The years since the civil rights movement have shown that the black community does not want to live by the rules and standards of the white one. Thus it is a compelling moral duty upon us to respect this desire and to grant independence to African America, so that they may pursue their dreams and social goals without our interference.

"Candidates, you may not have seen the late developing news today our Fox Pentagon team broke earlier this evening about a top Iranian general traveling to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. His name is General Qassem Soleimani, he’s blamed for hundreds of U.S. troops death in Iraq, and Afghanistan. His trip to Russia appears to directly violate U.N. Security Council resolutions to confine him to Iran. So, Mr. Trump, if you were president, how would you respond to this?"

I wouldn't. What do I care about the UN? It is every patriotic American's duty to ignore that mess of an organization to as great an extent as they can. I hope General Soleimani enjoyed his trip.

 "Another new development today, Senior Defense officials tell Fox they strongly suspect Russia was behind the cyber attack on the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs office email. This comes in the wake of the director of national intelligence blaming the Chinese for the largest ever cyber attack, stealing personal data of tens of millions of Americans. Senator Cruz, in your view, have Russia and China committed of cyber war, and if you were president, what would you do about it?"

Probably. I wouldn't do anything, but our friends in Russia and China would likely be getting some entreaties from some Nigerian gentlemen wishing to transfer funds out of the country shortly enough...

"Dr. Carson, in August of 2012 President Obama famously declared Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, quote, “that’s a red line for us,” and that there would be enormous consequences. One year later, and with overwhelming evidence the Assad had, in fact, used chemical weapons and crossed that red line, President Obama declined to use military force against the Assad regime. As president, would you have used military force there?"

No. I also wouldn't have made the "red line" comment either. President Obama's foreign policy, for as much as it gets maligned in these parts, isn't actually that bad. President Obama, for all the stupid things he's said, has not gotten us into a war. That, not intervention in countries that don't concern us, is what a foreign policy is supposed to do. If you want to play expansionist games of power, do the country a favor and pick up a copy of Europa Universalis IV off of Steam. It's only $40, and you can invade as many people as you want.

"Governor Walker, as president, what would you do if Russian President Vladimir Putin started a campaign to destabilize NATO allies Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, mirroring the actions Putin took at the early days of Ukraine?"

Likely nothing. They do have valid claims there, and I certainly wouldn't risk getting America nuked over the Baltics.

"Governor Huckabee, the culture of the American military is definitely changing. Women are moving into combat roles. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has obviously been dropped. And now Defense Secretary Ashton Carter recently directed the military to prepare for a moment when it is welcoming transgender persons to serve openly.As commander in chief, how would you handle that?"

I would roll it the hell back, as soon as I could. There has not been one serious military in human history that allowed women to serve in combat roles, Soviet snipers aside. To do so is frankly retarded. The entire point of having a military is to keep your women safe so that they can raise and bear children. Men aren't going to do that, now are they? Our military is supposed to defend our country, not serve as a petri dish for every bit of leftist filth our Marxist elites can dream up. As President, this would once more be the case.

"Senator Paul, the first budget your proposed as senator cut all financial aid to Israel. You have since changed your view on that issue. What made you change your mind."

I haven't. Israel is a first world country filled with smart people. They can take care of themselves. For that matter, so can Egypt and the rest of the countries we give money to. That's American money, taken from the American taxpayer, and it belongs in America, with the American taxpayer.

"“I want to know if any of them have received a word from God on what they should do and take care of first.” Senator Cruz, start from you. Any word from God?"

No. If I were a prophet of God, I wouldn't have to bother with an election, now would I? We don't need a special revelation at this point in time. This situation has been faced before, and the solution now is the same as it was back then. Look to your Bible where it lists the blessings and curses that come from obedience or disobedience, respectfully. What we need to do, per God's revealed word, is switch ourselves over from disobedience to obedience. That is what I would take care of first in my presidency.

"Dr. Carson, a question to you about God and his role, but also, one of the issues that the public was very interested in, and we touched on it earlier, is race relations in this country, and how divided we seem right now. And what, if anything, you can do — you would do as the next president to help heal that divide."

I would stop our country's policy over the last fifty years of shoving together people that hate each other in the hopes that this will somehow change. It didn't work in Austria-Hungary, in Yugoslavia, in Czechoslovakia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in hundreds of other places throughout the world, and it's not going to work here. As I stated above, I am in favor of Black independence. I am also in favor of closing the border and deporting all illegals. For those people who are left, I strongly support the right everywhere and anywhere to self-determination, as President Wilson did before me. We might end up with multiple United States, but they will be stronger, happier, and more prosperous than what we have now.

"Now each candidate will make a closing statement. You’ll all have 30 seconds to make a closing statement for this debate."

American cannot work. Not like this. For too long, those in power have lied to you, have told you things were getting better, have asked you to put aside your fears, to spend for freedom, to ignore your intuition and experiance. I am not going to do that.

America needs, above all else, to face the truth. To face the truth about race, about culture, about faith, to face the truth about economics, about foreign relations, about crime, and about punishment. America needs to press the reset button.

That is what I am offering you, a chance to wipe away the mistakes of centuries gone by, and get back to a place where things made sense. We do have a bright future ahead, but not from here. Thank you.

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