Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ockham's Razor: The Best a Man Can Get

In the wake of the murder of Jewish-American journalist Steven Sotloff by the forces of ISIS, the Jerusalem Post published an article detailing the ways in which Jewish journalists could stay safe while working in Muslim countries. Notably absent was the idea of simply sending someone else who wouldn't draw the instant irrevocable ire of everyone in the region.

This novel idea was equally disregarded with regards to female reporters following the sexual assault of Lara Logan. The concept of sending a Western woman, with minimal protection, into an angry mob, in a faraway land, where the role of women in society is seen in a very different way, is apparently not just good, but absolutely sacrosanct. Funny, to me, that sounds like a massive dereliction of duty on the part of her bosses at CBS.

The Left constantly badgers us to "check your privilege." They would do well to take their own advice. Living in a Western state does, in fact, bring with it a number of privileges. Prior to our current Marxist postmodern era, this was referred to as a social contract, and seen as the mark of civilization, rather than an evil plot by the Caucasian Archfiends.

Regardless, even in the face of the endlessly noble and righteous opposition to our evil European empire, still some remnants of white Western culture remain. Namely the fact that women, Jews, and other disparaged, disenfranchised and disfavored minorities are relatively safe in white majority areas. That one believes that this will be the case outside of these Western societies, in countries with entirely different social fabrics and values, is the mark of privilege and solipsism.

The waters of course are muddied by the extent to which Westerners, during the height of Euro-American power, have actually possessed such privilege. As someone who has traipsed around the Middle East alone, being conspicuously white and non-Muslim, I can speak from personal experience that an American passport gives you a certain degree of latitude. Of course, as Western economic, military, and moral power crumbles, so will that respect-bred safety. Do you want to be the person who wears out this welcome?

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you know that a given people hates, disrespects, or puts you in danger, don't travel among them. If you have the option to send someone under your authority into such a situation, do something else. Obliviousness to danger will not obviate it, but it may obviate you. Don't be another victim.

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