Saturday, September 6, 2014

Black Replacement

photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc
Linked over from the Drudge Report, Michael W. Chapman of CNS News reports that black unemployment in America has reached 11.4%. This is happening at the same time as the first Black president is looking to perform an end run around the Constitution to import more Latinos. (unemployment rate 7.5%) Because, of course, this country has far more of a duty to outsiders from thousands of miles away than to African Americans who have sweat and bled for this country for hundreds of years.

Two questions:

  1. Why the structural racism against Blacks, Mr. President? 
  2. Of the 93% of voting African Americans who supported Mr. Obama last election, how many are beginning to feel any regrets?
On the other hand, anyone worried about the fates of Democratic Congressmen can rest assured that the President has kept their interests in mind.

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