Monday, July 20, 2015

Worse than Gawker

Last week, Laura Mandaro from USA Today wrote an article which will doubtlessly serve as a chronicle for generations to come of just how far the moral fabric of these Untied States has decayed. In 2015 America, cheating on your wife with a prostitute is ok. Calling someone out on this, so long as said prostitute happens to be a guy: abomination. While I'm hardly a fan of Gawker, the unholy sinner in this most recent round of the two minutes hate, as few deserve it more, one can hardly take the other side when they say things like this...

Re/Code co-executive editor Kara Swisher tweeted:  "An appalling act of gay shaming disguised as a story -- thought we were way past this crap."
Yes, I too thought that America had long since given up on any sort of moral accountability for one's freely undertaken obligations. Thankfully Gawker is there to prove me wrong, sort of.
"This guy is not an antigay politician whose hypocrisy needs to be outed. Why would anyone care if he wants to hire an escort?"
Because the man is married. It used to be that that meant something. Sadly, I guess that doesn't any more.

Of course, it is entirely possible that this story is false. If that is the case, then the aggrieved gentleman in question may recover for his unfairly maligned reputation in a defamation suit. I hope his lawyer brings his "A" game.

Nonetheless, if Gawker's story is, in fact, the truth, I hope that the man in question has more introspection than those defending him. No matter who you are, you are your choices. For good or ill, you are the man you choose to be each day. And all the gay in the world won't unbreak a promise. It's time that America remembers that.


  1. It's possible the guy's wife knew about him being on the down low, and was ok with it (although I personally doubt it.... how many wives are THAT chill?)

    Between the cheating husband and the tabloid only interested in clicks, this seems like a classic case of rooting for team no one.

    1. "how many wives are THAT chill"

      ...If chill is what you want to call it, I'm guessing not too many. Other girls would make the dude more alpha, so that's possible, but other guys not so much.

      Your forgetting the third party here, a public hungry for the blood of anyone who contradicts their cultural marxist orthodoxy (if you can truly call anything that changes so rapidly "orthodox") that they are willing to cut down one of their own mouthpieces. That is a horror that far exceeds event he evil of Gawker.