Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Nation Inverted

Do you see anything wrong with this commercial? Something not quite right?  I'll let you watch it again...

Or how about this one? Anything off about its message? Does this, in your opinion, truly align with the dignity of man? Give it a few more run-throughs, and we'll discuss after the break.

If you haven't guessed it yet, let me highlight a few quotes. From the former:
 "We are one nation under dog."
From the latter:
"In Kentucky, horses are everything, and bourbon is everything else."
I hope that this clarifies things, but if not, I will explain. In these commercials, the right ordering of the universe is turned upside down. Man, third on the Great Chain of Being below only God and His angels, no longer turns his eyes up to inviolable firmament above, but stands the world on its head and glorifies the lesser beings over the Greater.

The Purina commercial demonstrates this best. The word "Dog," conveniently enough, is a direct inversion of "God." In this, as in many other ways, America has been flipped upside down. Social, media, and political pressure strive together to convince people that Bruce Jenner has magically become a "she". Marriage, instead of being a binding covenant: the building block of a community rooted in the past and reaching upward to the future, has devolved into little more than a sterile celebration of narcissism, to be thrown away when inconvenient. And this happened long prior to Obergefell.

Having turned his back on God, man is left with the things of this world to build his meaning from. Predictably, the results look rather pathetic.

It's the little things that matter, the tiny pin pricks that draw out the greatest gush of blood. Many of you reading this will want to defend these commercials. "It's just hyperbole" you'll say, "They don't really mean it." I should hope they don't! Nonetheless, is "We are one nation under dog" really something that a Christian should say? Are horses everything, and bourbon everything else to the follower of Christ? Certainly not!

Other's will reply, "But America is not a Christian nation! First Amendment! Separation of Church and State!" I am under no illusions that America is now, or ever was, a Christian State. This country was born of heresy and rebellion, and this end was foreordained for it from its first moments. Of course such a thing was going to come to pass when the State so little esteemed the pearl of great price which crowned Europa Queen, and valued instead man's petty enlightenment!

Behold now the enlightenment of man. Instead of growing higher and nobler, man, shorn of the hope of heaven, clings all the more tightly to the ground, trading his high inheritance for a mess of pottage and a cage. Every moment this man grows more base and animalistic. In glorifying God, man raises himself up to meet Him. In glorifying anything else, he dashes himself to the ground. Think carefully before you choose what your everything will be.


  1. I initially thought it was going to be that they left out Hawaii and Alaska.