Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Folly of "Pure Capitalism"

One of the major misconceptions held in the red pill right is that pure capitalism is the cure to all of our economic and social problems. This belief often comes hand in hand with mocking doctrinaire Communists for the having the same diehard belief in their own ideology. While tu quoque alone doesn't disqualify their viewpoint, pure capitalism is both an impossibility and a nightmare. By the force of time and human nature, pure capitalism would devolve into the absolutist corporatist nightmare we loudly decry today.

Presuming a world with high enough technology to enable the business enterprise, but without a strong state, or tribal loyalties to interfere, the biggest and strongest company is the law. They would have the greatest number of men and resources under their control, as well as many others in collateral businesses who rely on their wellbeing. Do you think they will hesitate to use force on their opponents? Even if they did, what about Number 2, or Number 3? Thus you would the formation of the corporate state, a state that, owing to its origins, would likely see man as little more than an economic cog to be exploited for profit, having little more dignity than his ability to deliver returns.

To prevent corporate absolutism, some force must balance it out. This may be a traditional government, a theocracy, or a powerful clan. Regardless, the same rules would apply. A government strong enough to enforce the malum in se law is strong enough to be corruptible. Given time, powerful business interests will corrupt it. Freedom only lasts for so long as wicked men can't out maneuver it for their advantage.

Failure to see this is understandable. Modern America is on the low arc of its historic freedoms. Most of its problems could in fact be solved by a return to freer markets. However, such a return would require more than mere legislation, but a vast societal change of heart to establish a culture that could sustain this. Otherwise, the freedoms would blow away with winds of the next election like the beautiful sand mandalas of Tibet.

Man must either restrain himself or be restrained for a society to last. To restrain oneself, there is only One who can provide the strength. Jesus Christ is the only hope for our society. Only through His Spirit can man drive out corruption and live in peace with his fellow man.Through Him, we will be free not because everything will be allowed, but because we will not want to do what is prohibited. Until His return, all things cycle to destruction, the free market not exempted.

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