Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hands off our Terrorists!

Sure would be a shame if ISIS recruits were no longer enriching Europe with their diversity! No matter what, we must stop them before they take their precious cultural undertakings elsewhere!

Think I'm kidding? From Ms. Katie Amey's article in the Daily Mail (also linked above):
"EU governments are anxious to prevent Europeans going to fight with Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, fearing they could carry out attacks in Europe when they return."
Well who says they have to return? Other than the EU and the UN... who that matters says they have to return? Have the people ever voted on this? Of course they haven't.

Of course, even were we to take this blatant power grab at face value, it would still be ineffective. In the next five seconds I could probably think of at least five ways to kill more people than your average jihadi attacker does. Try it. I don't think the ISIS training is going to make them that much more deadly than they would be if they showed a bit less hunger for glory and a bit more planning and imagination. (And no, I'm not going to tell you what I came up with)

We see though that, thankfully, support for this tracking system was far from unanimous.
"Liberals and Greens in the Parliament still condemned the proposal, saying blanket collection of data would do nothing to stop terrorists from entering the EU."
Well, of course it wouldn't. If you want to stop terrorists from entering EU, you have to take a hint from the Magyars, or at least stop using your navies to ferry them in. Islam is not native to Europe. Many of the greatest moments in European history involved forcing its rabid conquests back to Arabia's hellish sands. There should be no "terror" in Europe, save the unfortunately homegrown leftist kind.

Sadly, the very same "liberals and greens" that failed to reject this ineffective measure are successful in rejecting all effective ones. I'm sure it isn't that hard to figure out how to keep out foreigners, that's pretty much been the primary task of the State since its inception in prehistory! If Europe has a terror problem, it's because powerful Europeans want it that way.

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