Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hang Together or Hang Separately

Leo Hohmann from WND recently provided us with a valuable look at just how much the American establishment hates the White race. Not having an ethnic majority, unlike every society that has managed to last for the long run, is considered something to be proud of by Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Mark Holland. It seems, with the exception of Catholics of Eastern European origin (who I, given my experience being one, can say likely were smart enough to get out of town) the only acceptable Whites in this city are the self-destroying (Democrats) and the sterile (homosexuals).

We don't usually like to think of ourselves as "Whites." Part of this could be because we really aren't: although largely deracianated, we are Slovaks, Irish, Germans, English, Basques, Bulgarians: members of distinct peoples each with their own culture and national character. We are Yankees, Southrons, Midwesterners, and Californians. We can see the diversity amongst ourselves all too easily to be that comfortable as a unitive collective.

This is something we must get over, because today, all of us, no matter how unique a snowflake we may see ourselves as, face a common enemy. This enemy is vicious, brutal, and won't stop until we are all dead, broken, or enslaved to their will. If you doubt me, listen to Mayor Holland again. Pay attention to how he welcomes the invader to enter your land and erase your culture. He is far from alone.

In this conflict, your skin is your jersey. It marks you as the enemy of the Left, and as a candidate for extinction. If you think you can compromise with them, if you think you can throw your brethren to the beast and escape unharmed, think again. You will be just one misstep from the end. Do you want to walk a tightrope for the rest of your life, degraded anew each day by some new abomination that you know in your heart isn't right, or do you want to be free?

Europe was often a land divided by squabbling princes, but when it came together, amazing things happened: seven thousand men stalled a million, lost Jerusalem was recaptured, and the invincible Turkish fleet was drowned and captured. It is in us to do such things again, if we can only stand together.

But you don't want to hate, you say? Excellent, neither do we. It is not necessary to hate, to turn on your friends who happen to be black, or brown, or whatever. You just have to be willing to love yourself, brothers, and your cousins alongside them. Justice demands that we retain our cultures and our homelands. Justice demands that invaders be stopped, so that men may live in peace. Stand up for justice, even if you don't like the banner, because, as we all know from 300, a true Spartan will fight in the shade.

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