Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Game Time

In the light of the abomination that is Obergefell v. Hodges, Christians across America have realized something that they should have for a while now: that American culture is actively against them. Unfortunately, for most this does little more than engender a meek compliance, a sad resignation to the inevitable knock on the door, the back of a locked van, and finally, the zoo's lion cage. Grace to overcome life's trials is one thing, a sad-sacked quietism that is virtually indistinguishable from apathy and complacency is another.

All this decision told us about the world we live in is that we have an enemy. There are those within it who openly work against us, to destroy us. They are not stupid, they are not misguided, they will not come around if we simply compromise a little more, if we speak in a more passive tone, if we hide who we are and live a life in shadow. They are our enemy, they want to destroy us, and we must react.

But life doesn't stop because we have an enemy, in fact, it starts! Does anybody remember a blowout, or do they remember the game that went down to the wire? This is our game, our test, our chance to show Heaven and Earth who we truly are. All of the holding back, all of the compromise, all of the denial of what we truly are that made up our misguided attempt to try and fit in with these people: it can stop today! We don't have to be compromised or measured, we don't have to guid our tongues and watch our tone: we can be who we truly are! This is a time for celebration!

For too long, we've compromised, we've tolerated things that we never should have. Our fathers lived in slavery to these societal rules of engagement: trying to fit in, trying to make a place for themselves in a land and amongst a people who treated them with disdain. Now we can stop playing these games. The game was rigged from the start, lets turn the world around and play a game that works for us. And this time, when they try to play their game, and twist our rules against us, we won't let them.

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