Monday, October 6, 2014

The Obola Runs Deep

Plenty of people have already weighed in on the insanity of the West African Ebola crisis hitting America's shores. They've laid out how utterly preventable this crisis has been and how even now simple actions that the government refuses to take could help to limit the damage. Most importantly, they've described the likely toll in American lives of the administration's inaction. I won't retread this ground here.

Yet all of that has been said and ignored. To this date, the Obama administration STILL REFUSES to institute a travel ban on West Africa! This is utterly unconscionable! America's government has cast off all illusion about caring about the lives of its subjects.

And do, in fact mean subjects, not citizens. If the copiously revealed preferences of the American people on immigration and migration can be so easily ignored, even with a demonstrated risk of horrible disease, then America can no longer be said to be a res publica, but merely the res of the oligarchical class.

This oligarchical class, it must be reiterated, does not care about you, not in the slightest. Your death would mean nothing. Hell, they might well give your killer a medal! This is the purest evil, evil in a way that has never before been contemplated by mortal man.

The oft demonized Russian President Putin, for all of his flaws, shows a concern for the well-being of the Russian people. Adolf Hitler, the replacement devil of the post-Christian age, for all of his genocidal madness and for all of the seas of innocent blood he shed, did what he did with a warped intention of furthering the German people and culture. America's oligarchs, on the other hand, shed rivers of American blood. They throw American lives away on little more than a whim. Lives of their countrymen! Lives of those sworn to them, and under their authority!

If you are an American, you must accept the fact that your political, social, and business elite is hostile to you, your values, and your very life. There will be no help for you from government. The media will never give you a fair hearing. Everything you do or say will be distorted by those who have sworn to act in your best interests.

We have nothing but each other. And yet, we are not hopeless. If the Czech nation could survive the aftermath of White Mountain, if "Ireland long a province, be a nation once again", then we too can resist our infection. We can build up our antibodies to the diseases spread among us. We can inflame, we can heat up, and we can root out our sickness once and for all!

To do this, we must accept the truth. We must not hate our friends, nor succor our enemies. We must stand together and form new institutions. We must maintain our faith, knowing full well that whatever the gates of Hell might throw against us,

Pravda zvíťazí. 
Truth Prevails.

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