Friday, December 5, 2014


Mr. Dragonofski requested a report on #CrimingWhileWhite. As always, friends, your wish is my command. Just so long as it doesn't involve anything too obscene or boring.

While it should come as no surprise to you that I do not possess, do not want to possess, and will not possess a Twitter account, I grudgingly acknowledge it's place in our society as the teeming collective unconscious of the Millennial generation. Its 140 character limit on speech mirrors exactly the average American's shallow engagement on the issues. 

By it's nature, all dialectic is pared away, leaving raw tribalist rhetoric, which is, realistically, the best you can expect people to offer on any discussion of public import. Some may admire Laconic wit, but after considering that its originators built their society around child abuse, one should foster in themselves a healthy distrust for the Lakedaimonians.

#CrimingWhileWhite seems to offer a sight subversion to this trend. While the evidence offered is, of course, anecdotal, taken in the collective it does show the disparity in police treatment between blacks and whites. One can go on to argue the causes for such a disparity, but that such disparity exists is certainly something that everyone should be aware of. The truth is beyond politics and should receive the full support of everyone involved.

One would expect pushback against #CrimingWhileWhite to come from the right. To justify the difference in treatment, they might point out higher rates of criminality within the black community, or, more delicately, that black populations tend to be distributed more heavily in urban, crime-prone areas. Given these facts, they could posit that more hands-off treatment of the white population is justified in order to allocate resources where they may best stop the most serious, life-threatening crimes.  

Of course, one should then go on to extrapolate that if police resources are so strained that they are unable to deal with the most blatant of white offenders, we may just have too many useless laws. The fact that there are somewhere around 3-4 thousand federal crimes listed in the US Code should give us pause. Remember, this is just the highest, most remote level of government! Imagine how many state and local level laws can be added to this, and just how arbitrary these can be.

Additionally, if targeted harassment of the black community is justified, then let it be justified in the open. The point of being a country of laws is that the actions of the government should be transparent and constant. To do otherwise is tyranny and cowardice. Not holding the discussion at all, as we shall see, is the province of the left, and the right should be better.

One expects #CrimingWhileWhite to be attacked from the right: if not from the establishment politicians zealous to maintain a bland respectibility on any issues of controversy, than maybe from the alternate right, or possibly from the mythical Klansmen that were supposed to show up in Ferguson. One would not expect the left to seek to undermine their own argument. That would just be be crazy, right?

Oh, but we know how the left loves to deal in crazy. As Drew Harwell and Danielle Paquette of the Washington Post tell us,
"By Thursday morning, the online campaign that some saw as a show of solidarity had become another source of division. Many African Americans on Twitter began to see it as a belittling, self-serving failure to grasp the daily discriminations confronting blacks."
Because, of course, pointing out how whites get treated differently than non-criminal blacks, even in the midst of committing crimes, shows that one doesn't understand that blacks are treated differently, ignoring the fact that such ignorance would make these statements pointless.

Kara Brown from Jezebel asks, missing the point,
"Who is this helping? How is this helping? These are questions that all allies should be asking themselves. Because really, what are black people supposed to do with these stories? They don't really make us feel better. They don't embolden us with knowledge or tactics that we can use to fight the system. And they simply confirm what we already know: white privilege is fucking amazing."
So just, "what are black people supposed to do with these stories"? Nothing, because blacks aren't their target! Shouldn't it be obvious that any attempt to expose "white privilege" wouldn't be? Wasn't that the point of all those "It's not minorities' job to enlighten ignorant whites" articles? It should be clear to everyone that #CrimingWhileWhite is targeted from whites, to whites.

Ms. Brown then goes on to praise the counterfactual,
"In response to #CrimingWhileWhite, editor Jamilah Lemieux started the hashtag #AliveWhileBlack for black people to share stories of their interactions with the cops—not while committing crimes, but just while living—where they were treated with violence, carelessness and general inhumanity. 
See, now, this is helpful. It amplifies the voices of the exact people being disproportionally targeted by police. It helps those who might be less familiar understand the breadth of this epidemic, and perhaps some white people will be able to see how many of their blacks friends have personally experienced injustice at the hands of cops. These experiences are often invisible to the privileged, where the extent of white privilege is—or should be—lost on no one."
Certainly, #AliveWhileBlack is valuable for just the reasons she states. It serves to show the other side of the coin. But without showing the ways in which whites are treated better, the argument of #AliveWhileBlack cannot be "blacks are treated worse" but merely "cops are dicks." Without the evidence that whites are treated better provided by #CrimingWhileWhite, Ms. Brown and her ilk have failed to prove their case.

However, none of that is important because, as we are told, "in times like these, your voice is not the one that needs to be heard." The left doesn't want you to be a vocal proponent of their views. That presumes that there is a discussion to be had. They don't want a discussion, they don't want multiple viewpoints acknowledged. They just want the one voice, the one viewpoint: theirs.

This confusion you feel about what are the correct thoughts? This inability to figure out what to say? THAT is what they want. They don't want your voice, they want your silent, ashamed acquiescence to whatever they might require, no matter how it may contradict one or another of their stated principles. You are the bad guy, no matter what you do, and you must do as they say. Jerking you around isn't a bug, it's a feature. If you are frightened and tentative, guilty and defensive, you are easy to control.

The left isn't about principles, it is about power. It is an alliance of those who are willing to put aside all questions of morality and all concern for the outsider for power. If you still care about those outside of your group, you are not the left, you are its useful idiot. You will never win by playing their games, you will never win by accepting their frame.

Justice is important; whether directed towards our own, or out towards the other, whomever he may be. "The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God." (Leviticus 19:34) We must never sink to the same zero sum game as the left - the results of that would be unfathomably ugly. However, in so doing, we must now and forever understand that the left is not a partner in this task. If we want justice in the world, we must have the courage to create it ourselves.


  1. "around 3-4 thousand federal crimes listed in the US Code"
    Yeah a cop once said to me that there were so many traffic laws that "if he wanted to pull you over, he could find a reason." That seems kind of... not how the law should work or something.

    "To do otherwise is tyranny and cowardice. Not holding the discussion at all, as we shall see, is the province of the left, and the right should be better."
    Yeah in Brazil (and probably everywhere else in the word) they pretty much lawl at how screwed up race relations are in America.

    "the mythical Klansmen that were supposed to show up in Ferguson"
    Supposedly something like half of the modern day Klan is FBI agents (I guess to watch the other half.. but yeah it's a pathetic remnant.)

    "Because really, what are black people supposed to do with these stories?"
    Yeah someone commented that is was basically just another way for people to humblebrag.

    " editor Jamilah Lemieux ..."
    I looked up that site. It's not a porn site. Disappointing.

    Awesome take on it. It seems like there are going to be more protests after the latest guy-gets-choked-for-untaxed-cigs event, and it'll be interesting to see where this goes.

    In the meantime, I'll keep listening to Ice Cube's "Ghetto Bird." Out Or something.

    1. The necessity for promulgated law has been recognized for a long time. The idea of limiting executive power by use of a clearly defined law goes back to Biblical Persia, was a major part of Greek and Roman Republicanism, and even was adhered to by the early Germanic tribes. The Catholic Church even saw fit to enshrine this requirement in Canon Law. That America has decided to do an end run around this principle shows just how far we've descended into savagery. While we still might have modern technology (for now) our social structures have regressed to the paleolithic era. (See also how feminism is regressing us to the matriarchal societies that preexisted the birth of the idea of paternity, which was a requirement for civilization to begin.)

      "[...]in Brazil (and probably everywhere else in the word) they pretty much lawl at how screwed up race relations are in America." Well, not every place can laugh. Scandinavia, for instance, is quite possibly worse.

      It's pretty much universal that having two separate cultures in the same area leads to bloodshed and the eventual removal of one or more of the cultures. It was true when Germany supplanted Rome, when Byzantium successfully deflected the Slavs and Magyars, then fell to the Turks, When Austria was forced to cede autonomy to Hungary, and later when Austria-Hungary collapsed. It remained true when it came time to deal with the volksdeutche populations of Central/Eastern Europe, and finally during the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The West has ignored this fact for the past few centuries at it's own, and its minorities' peril. part of this probably comes from the fact that the West's dominant English and German populations have (with the few exceptions listed above) mostly been the ones causing this process, not receiving it. Their learning process will be ugly for us all.

      "Supposedly something like half of the modern day Klan is FBI agents" Well, they'll cut down that percentage once they let in blacks and gays.

    2. "someone commented that is was basically just another way for people to humblebrag" To some people it probably is. That's a feature, not a bug. If they want #CrimingWhileWhite to be a true consciousness raising measure, and not just a ritual flagellation amongst the white guilt crowd, they have to find some way to appeal to non-SJWs. Allowing people to get off a humblebrag in the process seems like an effective way of doing this. Kara Brown (from the Jezebel article) was not wrong in saying that the hashtag plays to narcissism, but she throws away a massive tactical advantage in rejecting that lure. You'll never go broke selling narcissism to Americans, that's for sure.

      "I looked up that site. It's not a porn site. Disappointing." Three quarters of the internet is porn. You'll find some soon enough.

      "It seems like there are going to be more protests after the latest guy-gets-choked-for-untaxed-cigs event" Unlike the Michael Brown thing, the Eric Garner one seems like a pretty legitimate crime on the part of the cop, complete with violation of police procedure. I'm not too shocked at the grand jury decision though. I never really paid much attention in Civil Rights class (while the teacher was pretty cute, she was also a hardcore raging lefty) but the one thing I learned was that public officials acting in the line of duty are pretty much untouchable, regardless of how horribly they break regulations. Of course, the most horrible one I've seen, the Akai Gurley killing., has yet to go to grand jury. Should THAT fail to result in an indictment, then we have a legitimate problem.