Monday, December 1, 2014

Breaking the Silence

If you follow this blog, you might be wondering why I've been so silent lately. The recent elections and the even more recent amnesty would seem to be fertile ground for comment, given what I've written on prior to this. What could be compelling my silence? It's certainly not that I've gained the humility to shut up, not by a long shot...
Frankly, I've been disheartened. It was much easier to complain about a Democratic Congress than to be faced with the fact that a Republican one isn't likely to serve as anything but a pressure release valve until the next round of Progressive advances. While no solid judgments can be made until we see how the amnesty battle really shapes up, I'm not too hopeful. Things have slipped too far.

This growing sense in me that things have passed the point of no return has engendered two questions. The first, of course, is simply "Why?" The second one is, "What should we do now?"

The why part has a simple answer (albeit one that requires a great deal of knowledge to truly get): the West has fallen because it has rejected God. Every leftist insanity, every conservative overreach, every radical atrocity to darken our mortal days has been a deliberate refusal of the place He has prepared for us men, and a rejection of His Presence in our lives. The consequences of our wickedness have been exactly the chaos, deprivation, and depravity that He predicted time and time again in Scripture.

My second question, however, didn't grant me such an easy or clean answer. What can we do when more and more ground is lost each each day? What do we do when the traditional means of resistance and redress yield no returns?

It is well documented that trying to debate a leftist true believer is an exercise in futility. Those who argue do so disingenuously. Many refuse to even engage. At no point will you truly communicate with your interlocutor, but merely offer up your words to empty air.

It is argued that this is essential nonetheless to reach not the leftist himself, but those listening. That may well be so, but to what end? If we, regardless of our efforts, are fated to go down, then what use are more comrades in our descent? Should we not instead be merciful and just let the crocodile eat them last, to buy them a few more hours of security? For in this battle, the leftist controls the high ground and time is our enemy. What end do we truly proclaim, what would be our victory?

And that's where I found my answer. There is only one End worth proclaiming, only One truly worthy of our strivings. I asked myself, "Why do you want position "X," law "Y," and thing "Z"?" At a cosmetic level, because these things are good. But what deeper reason do I have to deem them good, especially when the entirety of the American cultural apparatus deems them bad? The answer is this: I deem what I deem good to be good because it is what I deem to come from God.

If I hold my views because they flow from my values, which is better; to argue my views, or to argue my values? If I succeed in convincing someone of a view, I have won a battle. If I convince someone of a value, I have won a war.

Western society was valuable in that it provided a means to spread the Euangellion of Christ. For centuries, it brought the light of Christ to many nations. Now, however, it is destructive to that end, and is likely to continue as such despite our best efforts. Why, then, should we try to save it?

Instead, let us focus on the ultimate goal and the message of Christ. For from that Message can spring a thousand societies of greater beauty than even the West that was, but without the Message, every society is in poverty and privation.

I will still probably post about politics from time to time. Old habits die hard. But in doing so I'll have to accept that it can only be a hobby, and that true change doesn't come man, but from Above.