Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Left Eats its Own

Bill Maher continues to face the fallout from expressing his view of Islam. This view, of course, being similar to those held almost unanimously throughout the west prior to the modern era. Coincidentally, this view is also that required to make a serious attempt at a sustainable leftist society. Burkas and beheadings most assuredly don't respect the feminist imperative!

However, these views, while time honored, and useful to the goals of his class, are not the views of Islam sent down by diktat from the high command. As such, Maher is now persona non grata to some of whom he would otherwise be a rockstar. To think, Bill Maher protested against at Berkeley!

Don't get me wrong, I have little sympathy for Mr. Maher's current predicament. His promotion of smug antitheism has had many material benefits for him that will not simply disappear as a result of this purge. However, he should stand as a stern warning to any who would try to play the cultural Marxist game of power. Like in Game of Thrones, any who retain the slightest good within themselves; whether it's a sense of justice, the simple desire to be left alone, or, in Mr. Maher's case, a desire for the truth, will be cut out horribly. 

If you are on this path, if you are playing the leftist game, what stronger inducement do you need to leave now? "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Nothing, especially if that world can be so easily taken away from him. Bill Maher, whatever his flaws, is not a dumb man. If he can slip up and run afoul of the inquisition, then so can you. Don't face their blades alone, don't ever play the leftist's game.


  1. Sean Bean dies in everything.

    Hell, in Goldeneye, he died TWICE.

    1. Twice? Yikes. Well, I guess if you have a skillset, you use it...