Friday, June 12, 2015

A Conservative Gameplan

Phase One: The Bat-Signal

One of the major weaknesses of non-leftists in America is the isolation imposed by leftist control of the country's institutions. Because of their willingness to institute witchhunts on the flimsiest of pretexts, people of the various conservative, libertarian, and classical liberal persuasions tend to lay low in the public arena, satiating themselves with talk on the internet rather than action for change. Any successful action against the left is going to need to overcome this anomie, and build social structures that reinforce non-leftist thought and community in order to build the will for further action.

That is why our first step must be a small one. Our goal in Phase One should be merely to create the foundation of our network, to gather like-minded people together in the real world, not just in alt-right blogs and forums. While the internet is invaluable for propagating ideas, it cannot take the place of physical community. Attempting to use it for this purpose just leads to dissatisfaction.

Phase One would be designed to break us out of this electric cage in the simplest and easiest way possible. In order to lay the groundwork for later phases, it would be targeted to the largest potential swath of effectual allies. Leadership and zealotry can be developed naturally out of these raw recruits later, what matters now is simply harnessing our manpower in some tangible way. 

To start, we pick an as-yet not socially fatal conservative issue. A good choice would be the defense of traditional marriage. We then pick a given day of the week, each week, and wear some visible, yet simple item to support the cause. Black armbands, anyone? We publicize it as best we can, and then we wait.

This tactic doesn't require any major effort nor expenditure. Like the left's equal sign Facebook profile pictures, it would be a mere social signifier that would provide a sense of wellbeing and changing the world at little personal cost. Will it actually change anything in and of itself? Certainly not! However, the important thing will be that we don't stop there.

Phase Two: Community Building

The point of Phase One was to get anti-left sympathies out in the open. While before, discovering that a person had sympathetic views required a long dance of feints and subterfuge, now this sympathy will once a week be worn on one's sleeve within the public square. Thus reaching out to fellow anti-leftists in real life will be greatly simplified. Unlike the two major recent anti-left actions: the Chi-Fil-A anti-boycott and the Tea Party, Phase One is optimized for creating social ties. 

Going to a Tea Party rally , while certain to bring one in contact with people holding similar views, was 1) time and effort consuming and 2) outside of one's everyday life. If you had to drive an hour or more into the city to meet fellow conservatives, you wouldn't get the feeling that such views had an impact on your everyday life. Phase One, however, would.

While the Chic-fil-athlon required much less effort, a drive-through doesn't provide the same chance at communication as the Tea Party did. While the lines gave some sense of mutual support, one couldn't see a person's choice in lunch throughout the whole day. Thus the right's support of Chic-fil-A couldn't grow into a real movement.

The big task in Phase Two would be simply using the armbands, or whatever signifier we choose, as a conversation piece. Those who want to make a difference could do so by simply talking to one other person. Ask them respectfully why they are wearing the armband. Get to know this person. Even if they differ from you in other issues, they may have the potential to work with you on others. We need every true ally we can get.

Phase Three: Targeted Operations

Have you made friends in Phase Two? Excellent, next you must put them to use. Start small. Send letters. Protest your local abortion clinic. Prepare questions and attend a town hall. The important thing is that you go beyond mere signals, beyond simple communication, and enter, however slightly, the realm of action. Which action should you take? Whatever works! The theory of Fourth Generation war emphasizes the power of decentralized movements to utilize a wider variety of ideas to outmaneuver one's enemies. See what things work, and whether you can apply them in your own situation, but don't be afraid of new ideas, whether your buddy's or your own. Do something and do it well.

Phase Four: Beyond

By this point, two new forces should have entered the field. Some members of the movement will want to take bigger bolder action that will require the aid of multiple smaller groups. If you think it will help, don't be afraid to join in. However, other people will want to concern troll, destroying the group's effectiveness or create their own private empire, bending the efforts of the movement towards the accumulation of power for themselves. Remember, you are the leader of #GamerGate, and they cannot do these things against your will. This plan only works cumulatively. By Continuing Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three, the movement can never be fully destroyed, blunted, or co-opted. As long as you are taking action, you have not been defeated. Stay strong! Pravda Zvíťazí!


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    2. Odd place to put this comment, but oh well. He seems to have his stuff together and live strong against the winds of human opinion. I admire and envy that. But in context of this post, Tolkien's words about Tom Bombadil come most readily to mind, "Power to defy our Enemy is not in him, unless such power is in the earth itself." There have been such singular men before, and there will be after, until all virtue and power has been sapped from our race, but they cannot throw open the paths to the heights in which they dwell, and our hope is not to be found in them.