Thursday, August 21, 2014

"We live in a world that is run by white supremacy"

Why yes, just ask US President David Duke, UK Prime Minister Nick Griffin, and French Prime Minister Jean Marie Le-Pen. Oh wait...


  1. That interview was just painful to watch all around.

    There's another great one where Don Lemon is talking about gun laws and has no idea whatsoever what actually constitutes "fully automatic".

    1. Not the worst interview I've heard this week though. There's this radio show I have to listen to (my work getting only one station decently) that's called Nights Live with Adam Bomb. It's a national program, so sometimes he has celebrity interviews. When he does, he supplicates harder than all of the gammas in all of the world's friendzones and it makes me want to rip my ears off and throw them into the wind.

      But yeah, I don't watch much CNN. Fox News's four hour repeat cycle is a lot better than CNN's two. (Of course both destroy ESPN, which I swear is just thirty minutes of sports center on repeat all day long)