Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Final Triumph

Antony Loewenstein at theguardian.com recently discussed the extreme extent of NSA spying.
The takeaway was that at this point, the NSA has the information gathering capacity to collect all internet traffic. Presuming that they find some way to store this data, it seems that it could be easily used to blackmail anybody who becomes important. Of course, as Edward Snowden revealed, they're already trading these pictures for other purposes

I wonder though, as the west de-Christianizes, will anybody be left who cares about some guy's weird porn habit? Because the elites made marriage unpalatable, will affairs be a thing of the past? If homosexuality, incest, transgender, and who knows what else are officially protected classes, than what can really be taboo? (Maybe Nazi-themed BDSM? Stalinist-theme however merely shows your patriotism, comrade)

In their triumph, have the elites sown the seeds of their destruction? They have done the devil's work in creating chaos, and have turned the West into hell. Of course, in doing so, they will find that the power they had outside of hell doesn't translate into it.

The thing is, no one really rules in hell: not Satan, and definitely not you. When you have undone all of Yahweh's creation, there is nothing left but the void. There you are powerless. There you are empty. There you are nothing.

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